Erwin von Steinbach (I)
When Conrad von Lichtenberg became bishop of Strasburg (Elsass, Germany), in February, 1273, his cathedral still lacked the facade. An inscription which existed on the left portal until 1720 ascribes the commencement of the work to Erwin von Steinbach. The first stone was laid May 25, 1277. His plan included only the two lower stories of the facade with the rose window. The great screen of the third story was a later addition. The spire was finished by Hans Hultz of Cologne in 1439. Erwin restored the nave after the great fire of August 14, 1298. He designed the Chapel of the Virgin (finished 1316, destroyed 1681), and probably designed the tomb of Bishop Conrad. He was succeeded by his sons, Erwin (II) and Hans (Jean) called Winlin.




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