25 May

1277 first stone laid for the facade of the cathedral of Strasburg

1510 death of Cardinal Georges I. d'Amboise

1693 birth of Georg Raphael Donner

1853 death of John McComb

depressing typological shapes

Not There: agenda for Quondam
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Body, Imagination, and Architecture @ Quondam
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architectural otherness
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been reading, etc.
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top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
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Stop the presses: Paul Goldberger's take on critical relevance in the social media age
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“Technology is a cruel tool" -Peter Eisenman
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Xinjiang Wind   DongZhuang-Building Museum of Western Regions   Tuoli

depressing typological shapes
...the idea of depressing typological shapes into an established solid base.

00052501 mesh surface model perspectives   230ai20   b
00052502 virtual studio models perspective   230ai21   b   c

2002.05.25 13:17
Since revisiting the Bernini double theater that I read about almost 25 years ago, I've come to greatly admire the creative fecundity of double theaters as both a means and an end within the creative process. There is something almost magical about working with a vehicle/medium where there are literally twice the possibilities and where inversion (of self, for example) and mirroring (again of self, for example) provide, again, double the possibilities. Or is it all just 'too much play(ing)' in what is really just a virtual place?

07052501 Infringement Complex Plus Ultra model   2376i01   b   c
07052502 Infringement Complex Plus Ultra perspectives   2376i02
07052503 Infringement Complex Plus Ultra perspectives   2376i03   b   c

13052501 Fruchter House plan plus other Kahn plans   3713i10

14052501 Suburban Poché plan 22002 context   2388i01
14052502 Girard Collage plans 44002 in situ   2389i05
14052503 Circle Squared Museum plans 22002 in situ   2080i28 2393i03

15052501 Working Title Museum 003 model clean wireframe opaque off   2325i09
15052502 Section House schematic model   2448i00   b

16052501 IQ61 Ury House et al contour model plans site plan 2200x1100   2090i41

17052501 Schminke House plans image   3714mi05
17052502 Fallingwater plans elevation section image   3714mi06
17052503 Jacobs House plans elevation image   3714mi07
17052504 Baker House plan elevation image   3714mi08
17052505 1Villa Mairea plans elevations section image   3714mi09
17052506 Eames House plans elevations sections image   3714mi10

17052501   Xinjiang Wind   DongZhuang-Building Museum of Western Regions   Tuoli

21052501   religious Stonehenge Temple of Poseidon Parthenon Great Stupa Temple of Horus Pantheon Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus Basilica of St. Agnes Sts. Sergius and Bacchus Hagia Sophia Mahabodhi Temple Dome of the Rock Great Mosque of Damascus Shore Temple Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba Lingaraja Temple Basilica of the Madeleine Thoronet Abbey Our Lady of Reims San Stefano Kölner Dom Pazzi Chapel Tempio Malatestiano Santo Spirito Santa Maria della Grazie Tempietto St. Peter's Basilica/Square Sehzade Cami San Giorgio Maggiore Il Redentore plans iq27   2061i21





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