20 December

1364 Francesco Talenti discharged from work at S. Maria del Fiore

1750 birth of William Blackburn
1756 birth of Antoine Laurent Thomas Vaudoyer

1824 birth of Calvert Vaux

Quondam is an altogether...
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Piranesi: inter-disciplinarian
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Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
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Re: city making and city breaking
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20 December
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What is "traditional"?
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architectural otherness
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continual ideas
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Art vs. Arch.
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Philip Johnson
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Bruther   New Hotel   Munich

David Adjaye   Sugar Hill Affordable Housing   NYC

GSMM Architetti   Museum of Architecture   Városliget Budapest

Quondam is an altogether new type of architecture museum. First, as a virtual museum, Quondam possesses the power to act as a museum without the agency of a building, and it may be the first museum of architecture solely in cyberspace. Second, virtuality, that is, potential existence, defines the fundamental theme of Quondam's collection of 3-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) models, most of which represent unbuilt architectural designs.
The objective of Quondam and its collection is to manifest new virtual possibilities--to enable "visits" to buildings that do not exist, to compare the scale of any number of buildings side by side, to analyze specific building designs by taking their "models" apart, and, perhaps, to learn something totally new by reassembling pieces of the "models" in new ways.

08122001 Durand scanned plans St. Lateran Colosseum Baths of Constantine with Courthouse Plus Ultra   206ai01

10122001 ICM Theatrum Balbi etc.   2110i83

11122001 Hurva Synagogue perspectives scale play   2209i06

2013.12.20 18:55
20 December
This year's late Autumn is very different than last year's late Autumn--I've already had to shovel snow four times in the last two weeks. Despite the warmer temperatures, yesterday's and today's walk in the woods was still amidst a white blanket of snow--quite nice, actually. Saw a lone fawn yesterday, in the woods adjacent the cow pasture hight point, the third time I'd seen it there since the controlled hunt on 4 November. I get a strong feeling that that's where the fawn last saw its mother alive. It's interesting how this animal's mind registers the spot of last sighting to then be, by default kind of, the spot of possible further sighting. A sadly innocent point of view, or is that exactly how hope operates?
Read this while having a late lunch: "Have you ever stopped to wonder anything about what you see there [ArchDaily] or on Archinect or Dezeen or ArchNewsNow or whatever blog or newsfeed you tune into (or tunes into you) every morning?" Figure out for yourself who wrote that in the book UPS delivered here today. I have to return/exchange one of the other books I received today; Project of Crisis is missing pages 123 through 154. Amazon is express shipping a new copy tomorrow. Such modern times we live in, or is it such Christmas (shopping) times we live in?
Reading over the last week and a half has been very Tafuri centric. So far finished Architecture and Utopia, "Ashes of Jefferson," (I think I'm going to read the chapters of The Sphere and the Labyrinth in reverse order) "The Boudoir in The Expanded Field," and "Manfredo Tafuri, or, Humanism Revisited." Last night I started to re-read Theory and History of Architecture. I'm reading the texts to learn/study the structure of Tafuri's history/theories, with particular focus on how Tafuri fit's Piranesi's Campo Marzio Ichnographia into his history. As I wrote a week ago, "Also, I'm currently re-reading Tafuri's Architecture and Utopia, and I have a heightened awareness of the avant-garde architectural lineage that Tafuri sees the Ichnographia Campus Martius as the protogenitor of. I think it's now possible, however, to 'fabricate' a whole other avant-garde architectural lineage once one understands what the Ichnographia Campus Martius is really all about."
At this point I'm still reading, but I'm also beginning to formulate "a whole other avant-garde architectural lineage." It's rather inspiring to even imagine a whole other architectural history of the last 250 years. Aha, working title: Architecture post Semiquincentennial.

2013.12.20 19:45
What is "traditional"?
...architects, as is already evident, are not able to easily answer your question, but I don't doubt that realtors are able to easily answer your question. If you really want to formulate an answer, I suggest you watch House Hunters and House Hunters International for at least a month. While watching, take note that "traditional" is as much a matter of (personal) taste and comfort level as it is a style.
Next time an architectural client tells you they're interested in something 'traditional', expand the conversation by asking them about their tastes and their comfort levels. I'm sure there will then be lots of issues to start designing around.

14122001 Villa Rotunda Trenton Jewish Comunity Center plans @ Kahn's grave   2080i43
14122002 Villa Rotunda site plan @ Kahn's grave   2080i44
14122003 Villa Rotunda 1100x550 plan (@ Kahn's grave)   2080i00

14122001   David Adjaye   Sugar Hill Affordable Housing   NYC
14122002   GSMM Architetti   Museum of Architecture   Városliget Budapest

15122001   Francisville Housing orthagonal all fixed site plan   2292i08
15122002   Fragment Museum perspective   2298i05

17122001 Ichnographia Campus Martius Roma Interrotta Sectors plan images plus 17120401 data   223gi01
17122002 Ichnographia Campus Martius Roma Interrotta Sectors plan images   223gi02
17122004 aa Horti Lucilliani Ichnographia Campus Martius plans   2467i01
17122005 aa Pantheon Paradigm0 Center City Philadelphia East plans   2467i02
17122006 aa Center City Philadelphia plans   2467i03
17122007 aa Pantheon Paradigm plans   2467i04
17122008 aa Center City Philadelphia IQ0 plans   2467i05

17122001   Bruther   New Hotel   Munich

19122001 Surface Building 1 group elevations Pyramids of Gizeh Beauvais Cathedral Seagram Building City Tower CCTV Eiffel Tower Capital Park West   2470i26
19122002 iiq03 model work   2392i159
19122003 iiq09 model work   2392i160
19122004 iiq03 model work   2392i161




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