Ulrich von Ensingen
architect; d. 1429.
Ulrich from Ensingen, a village in Switzerland near Fribourg, was chief architect of the cathedral of Ulm (begun 1377) from 1390, when the most important part of the construction was actually undertaken, until his death in 1429. From 1410 to 1429 he was also employed in some capacity at the cathedral of Strasbourg. In 1387 he was called to Milan to advise concerning the construction of the cathedral. He was succeeded by his sons, Gaspard and Mathias.

Arabesque ceiling from the Hall of the Ambassadors of the Alhambra (1338-90), the general lines of which have some analogy to the form of the mosaics [of the cloister of San Paolo fuorile Mura]

Part of the Hall of the Two Sisters of the Alhambra (1338-90) in Granada.

Outer wall of the fortress of the Alhambra.
View of the baths.

Longitudinal section of the Court of the Lions, on the line C D E of plan.

Plan of the Alhambra, at Granada, in Spain; built by the Moorish kings, during the thirteenth, fourteenthm and fifteenth centuries, the most brilliant period of Arabian architecture in Europe.

Column from the Alhambra at Granada in Spain.

Section of the Hall of the Ambassadors and the Court of the Fish-pond.
Column from the Court of Lions.

Capital from the Court of the Fish-pond.
Fountain of Lions.
Capitals from the Court of Lions.
Fountain of Lions.




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