Pieter Appelmans
architect ; d. May 26, 1434.
Appelmans flourished at Antwerp (Belgium) in the early fifteenth century. He designed the Church of S. George in that city and began the cathedral. In 1420 he designed the famous tower of the cathedral which was finished in 1518.

Mathias von Ensingen
architect; d. 1463.
Mathias was the son of Ulrich von Ensingen. In 1420 he was called to superintend the construction of the cathedral of Berne in Switzerland. In 1446 he went to Ulm, and in 1451 was made architect of the cathedral of that city. An inscription on the northern portal of the cathedral of Ulm gives the date of his death. He was succeeded by his son Moriz von Ensingen.

Nicole de l'Escluse
From a document preserved in the archives départementales of La Manche, France, it appears that Nicole de l'Escluse was supervising architect of the cathedral of Le Mans in July, 1420. It is supposed by Hucher that he designed the northern transept with its immense rose window, one of the finest in France (but see Jean Dammartin).




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