Bartolomeo di Giovanni Bono
architect and sculptor.
Bartolomeo Bono is the greatest of the sculptor-architects of the later Gothic period in Venice. He assisted his father (Bono, G.) in his work on the façade of the Ca' d' Oro, begun in 1421. He is mentioned with him in the contract of January 18, 1422, and elsewhere in the records of the building. He also appears in the contract of November 10, 1438, between his father and the Provveditori del Sale for the construction of the Porta della Carta between the Doges' Palace and the church of S. Marco. This portal was called "della Carta" from the carte or notices posted there and "Porta dorata" from the gilding and colour employed upon it. It was finished in 1441. The relief of the tympanum of the great door of the Scuola di S. Marco is undoubtedly by Bartolomeo (Paoletti, Vol. II., p. 40). The Arco Foscari at the Doges' Palace is attributed to Bartolomeo, although documentary proof is lacking. Its statues are among the finest in Venice, and the peculiar use of Renaissance motives with details is very interesting.

Jean de Dammartin
architect; d. about 1454.
January 24, 1421, Jean was made maître de l'œuvre (supervising architect) of the cathedral of Le Mans (Sarthe, France). He built the northern arm of the transept with its rose window. In 1432 he became architect of the cathedral of Tours, where he completed the nave and began the main portal.




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