Jost Dotzinger (Jodoque, Jodocus)
architect; d. 1472.
After the death of Hans Hultz, in 1449, Dotzinger succeeded him as supervising architect of the cathedral of Strassburg (Elsass, Germany). The cathedral was practically finished at this time. His most important work is the baptismal font now in the northern wing of the transept. In 1455 he undertook the restoration of the choir. Dotzinger was especially connected with the reorganization and consolidation of the masonic corporations of Germany. Before his time the architects and stonecutters had formed isolated lodges (Bauhütte) which had originated in the Benedictine monasteries and were secularized at the same time as the art of architecture itself. April 25, 1459, he called together a general convention at Ratisbon (Regensburg, Bavaria), which consolidated the scattered lodges in one order and established statutes and regulations for its government. Nicholas Dotzinger, probably a son of Jost, was also an architect and attended the convention at Regensburg.

Antonio di Tuccio Manetti
historian and writer.
Manetti has been identified by Milanesi as the author of the anonymous contemporary life of Brunellesco, which was Vasari's chief source of information. It was first published by Moroni, Vita di Filippo di Ser Brunellesco (Florence, 1812). He is not to be confounded with Antonio Manetti, Ciaccheri, the architect.




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