Gutllaume d'Estouteville
cardinal, abbot, and architect; d. 1482.
After 1450 he built, or caused to be built, part of the abbey of Mont St. Michel on the coast of Normandy, as it exists today.

Luca Fancelli
architect; b. 1430; d. about 1501.
On the recommendation of Cosimo de' Medici, Luca entered the service of Ludovico Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua, about 1450, and superintended his constructions for forty years at Mantua. He carried out, from the plans of Alberti, the small church of S. Sebastiano (1460-1472) and the more important one of S. Andrea (begun 1472). After the death of Giuliano da Maiano he was employed by Ferdinand I, King of Naples.

Jean Poncet
sculptor and architect.
August 31, 1450, he contracted to build the tomb of King René, at Angers (France). He probably designed the retable of the church of S. Pierre at Saumur.

Thomas Seabrooke
Elected February 16, 1450, abbot of the cathedral of Gloucester, England, he began the beautiful tower of that church which was finished after his death by Robert Tully. Seabrooke repaved the choir of his cathedral.

Nave, Cathedral, Winchester, Gothic (Perpendicular), 1350-1450.




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