Rejt Benedikt (Benesch)
architect; b. 1453; d. 1537.
Benesch, an architect of Laun, Bohemia, built for Wladislaw II, king of Bohemia (d. 1516), the Residenz on the Hradschin in Prague. One wing of this palace with the great vaulted hall, Krönungssaal, his most important work, is still in existence. He built also the church of S. Barbara at Kuttenberg near Laun. Benesch was essentially a constructor, building on Gothic lines. In the decoration of his buildings, Renaissance details appear.

Simone Campanato
bronze founder.
Simone Campanato cast the great bell on the clock tower (torre dell' orologio) of the Piazza di S. Marco in Venice, which was placed in position December 1, 1497. This bell was probably designed and modelled by Alessandro Leopardi.

Anthonis Keldermans van Mansdale
architect; d. 1512 at Mechlin (Malines), Belgium.
A son of Andries. He was associated with his father in the construction of the town hall at Middleburg, Holland, and other important buildings. In 1497 he was made architect of the Liebfrauenkirche at Veere. With him were associated his brothers, Matheus and Rombout.




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