1 December

1497 the great bell on the clock tower (torre dell' orologio) of the Piazza di S. Marco in Venice, which was placed in position

1694 death of Pierre Puget

1892 death of Pierre Victor Galland

on the Campo Marzio:
1998.12.01     e2527 e2678 3768

Alexander Severus
1998.12.01     e2526 e2533 e2660 e2820 e2869 e3071

Circulus; Ludus
1998.12.01     e2543 e2606 e2691 e2749 e2771

Cochlearum Hirpini
1998.12.01     e2621 e2749 e2816

1998.12.01     e2523 e2543 e2569 e2606 e2621 e2682 e2691 e2693 e2771 e2776 e2816 e2831 e2832 e2833 e2835 e2837 e2865 e2866 e2869 e2897 e2908 e2914 e2936 e2952 e2953 e2983 e2989 e3016 e3018 e3026 e3086 3792c

Catalogo references to Festus
1998.12.01     e2693

Catalogo references to Lampridius
1998.12.01     e2755

Naumachia Domitiani
1998.12.01     e2816 e3026 e3027

Aedes Vulcani
Officinae Armorum
Officinae machinarum militarium
1998.12.01     e2518 e2682 e2776 e2831 e2833 e3016 3792c

Officinae Balistarium
Officinae Scorpiorum

1998.12.01     e2832 e2835 e2866

Catalogo references to Ovid
1998.12.01     e2837

Petronia Amnis
1998.12.01     e2543 e2588 e2727 e2742 e2842 e2909 e2937 e2970 e3081

1998.12.01     e2543 e2564 e2865 e2876 e2878 e2879 e2886 e2887 e2893 e2894 e2895 e2896 e3083

Porticus a S.P.Q.R. Amoenitati Dicata
1998.12.01     e2704 e2866 e3015

Porticus Alexandri Severi
1998.12.01     e2543 e2749 e2755 e2839 e2869

Porticus Vipsania
1998.12.01     e2543 e2799 e2891 e2897 e2937 e2970 3728b

Templum Castorum
1998.12.01     e3026 e3027

Templa Jovis Martis Veneris
1998.12.01     e2606 e2831 e3018 e3083

Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
1998.12.01 11:02     3774 9007u

def: a-typological architecture
1999.12.01     3728c 3768 3811e 4710 5134

context (Quondam thinking?)
2000.12.01     3747b 3770d 3777b 3786c 3787 4015m 5025 5300e 5900h 8210d

Re: eHomes
2001.12.01 12:46     3787b

2001.12.01     e2800b 3727b 5010 5228a

Consumerism and Monumentality
2005.12.01 10:06     3727e
2005.12.01 12:52     2236 4016o

Thom Mayne on Charlie Rose
2005.12.01 11:04     3811w

Consumerism and Monumentality
2007.12.01 08:31     3202u 3334c 3721 3727e 3770r

domestic elevations
2014.12.01     4801e

Let's talk about a building
2015.12.01 10:37     3313f
2015.12.01 18:43     3313f
2015.12.01 21:18     3313g

MVRDV   Y House   Tainan

SANAA?   ?

2005.12.01 12:52
Consumerism and Monumentality
You know, this house actually is a bit of a 'spin-off' of a Lutyens designed garden pavilion. I can't remember the name of the Lutyens house, Great something-or-other, I think.

2005.12.02 11:35
Consumerism and Monumentality
I agree that there is a kind of hegemony operating within architecture today (and definitely since the Modern Movement/International Style), but architecture wasn't always that way. Most of architectures' histories are like languages' histories in that they were all tied/related to specific places on the planet and reflected the culture of those places.
Reflecting on what presently constitutes architectural "history," perhaps architecture is now a world trade commodity more than anything else.
Is the next big thing to mix up the fashion brands? Wear your Foster pants with Woods belt over Eisenman panties?

14120101 collection of domestic elevations   2080i36
14120102 Villa Rotunda Circle Squared Museum IQ plans   2080i37

16120101   MVRDV   Y House   Tainan

18120201   SANAA? ?

18120101 GAUA09 Thermae Helenae Maison de M.X. Fruchter House Tower for Princeton Memorial Park House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 003 Villa Geerlings Working Title Museum 002 Villa Plus Ultra GAUA 001 Plus All Three House plans placed unedited  2429i317
18120102 GAUA10 Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine Villa Rotonda Altes Museum Customs Office of the Neue Packhof Villa Savoye Monastery of La Tourette Tower of Shadows St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Florey Building Hurva Synagogue Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Museum of Arts and Crafts Museum of Decorative Arts Sober House 1 Working Title Museum 003 Courthouse Plus Ultra GAUA 001 102 103 104 106 plans placed unedited   2429i318
18120103 GAUA11 Arch of Constantine Tugendhat House De Vore House Kimbell Art Museum National Museum of Roman Art Analogous Building Working Title Museum 004 Savoye Shadows Annexation plans placed unedited   2429i319
18120104 GAUA12 Baths of Constantine Tuberculosis Sanatorium Adler House House 14 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 004 Broken Temple Bye House Distorted Villa + 15 plans placed unedited   2429i320

19120101 Fragmented Architectural History Department axonometrics perspectives raw   2485i03
19120102 Fragmented Architectural History Department axonometric -65,,0   2485i04
19120103 Fragmented Architectural History Department axonometric -65,,90   2485i05
19120104 Fragmented Architectural History Department model for axonometric generation   2485i06

20120101   iq61.15 sans Ury model opaque off   2477i13
20120102   iq61.15 sans Ury axonometrice   2477i14
20120103   iq61.15 model   2477i15
20120104   iq61.15 axonometric vw=ax01 -50 0 0 zoom.02 from 20120103   2477i16
20120105   iq61.15 axonometric vw=ax02 -50 0 90 zoom.02 from 20120103   2477i17
20120106   iq61.15 axonometric vw=ax03 -50 0 180 zoom.02 from 20120103   2477i18
20120107   iq61.15 axonometric vw=ax04 -50 0 270 zoom.02 from 20120103   2477i19




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