Toussaint Delorme
Toussaint was one of the architects of the château of Gaillon, and probably related to Pierre Delorme. He was employed with Michellet Loir to decorate the gallery and terrace of the grande maison on the side of the château toward the moat.

Girolamo Genga
painter, sculptor, and architect; b. 1476; d. July 11, 1551.
The painter Girolamo Genga was employed as architect by the Cardinal of Mantua and the Duke of Urbino. He built the Villa of Monte Imperiale near Pesaro, and the church of S. Maria della Grazie at Sinigaglia.

Antoine Juste (Antonio di Giusto Betti)
sculptor and architect; b. about 1479; d. September, 1519.
The oldest of the three brothers Juste, Italian sculptors in France in the early sixteenth century. He was probably the chief author of the monument of the Bishop Thomas James at Dol, Ille-et-Vilaine, France, although the name of Jean is inscribed upon the work. He appears in the records of the château of Gaillon in 1508-1509. Antoine was undoubtedly associated with the other members of his family in the construction of the monument to Louis XII at Saint-Denis, although there is no record of that fact.

Jorg Oechsel
He was architect of the cathedral of S. Stephen, in Vienna, at the beginning of the sixteenth century, and built the organ over the Peter and Paul altar.

Giovanni de' Ricamatori (Giovanni da Udine)
painter and decorator; b. 1487; d. 1564.
According to Vasari, he studied with Giorgione in Venice about 1508. He was especially successful in decorative painting and stucco work, and was the chief assistant of Raphael at the Loggie of the Vatican and in painting accessories in the Loggia of the Farnesina, Rome. The decoration of the Villa Madama, Rome, is ascribed to him.

Bastiano da San Gallo, Sangallo (Aristotle)
painter and architect; b. 1481; d. May 31, 1551.
Bastiano was a son of the younger sister of Giuliano and Antonio (I) da San Gallo, and a cousin of Antonio (II) da San Gallo. He was apprenticed to the painter Perugino in Florence, and studied the great cartoon of Michelangelo Buonarroti. He earned the name, Aristotele, by his intelligence and application. With his brother, Giovanni Francesco, he was employed to build the Pandolfini palace, in Florence, from the designs of Raffaello Santi. The building was not finished until after 1530. He attached himself to the court of Cosmo I de' Medici; San Gallo, Battista (il Gobbo); architect; b. about 1496, a brother of A. (II) da San Gallo, assisting in much of his work.

Alexiz Fryazin Noviy, Cathedral of the Archangel (Moscow: Kremlin, 1505-08).

Biagio Rossetti, Palazzo Roveretti (Ferrara, 1508).

Cola de Caprarola, Santa Maria della Consolazione (Todi, 1508-1604).

20-22. Plan, elevation, and section of the Church of the Consolation, built from the design of Bramante, near Todi.
23. Doric base and capital of the four great pilasters in the center of the church.
24. Ionic base and capital of the two orders of pilasters decorating the interior of the church.
25. Corinthian capital of the first order of the exterior decoration.
26. Composite capital of the second order.
27. Consoles serving as key-stones to the archivolts round the great niches.
28. Profile of the imposts receiving the archivolts.
29. Profile of the circular entablature above the four arches supporting the cupola.
30. Entablature over the four great pilasters of the interior.




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