Albrecht Dürer
painter, engraver, and goldsmith; b. May 21, 1471; d. April 6, 1528.
The great painter and engraver, Albrecht Dürer, in 1521-1522 made designs for the decoration of the Rathhaus at Nuremberg. He designed metal work and wrote books on proportion and colour. In the title of his work on fortification he is called an architect, Alberti Dureri pictoris et architecti prœstantissimi de urbibus, castellisque condendis, etc., published after his death (Paris, 1535).

Gatien François
A son of Bastyen François. He was employed first on the château of Chenonceaux. May 16, 1521, he was made maître d'oeuvre of the king in Touraine (France).

Robert Grappin
architect and sculptor; d. about 1537.
In 1521 Robert appears as supervising architect (maître de l'œuvre) of the church of S. Gervais et S. Protais at Gisors (Oise, France). After 1537 his name disappears from the accounts of the church. (See Grappin, J.,(I))

Pasha Abdullah Sinan
The most important Turkish architect. He is credited with a large number of mosques, minarets, schools, palaces, etc. His three principal works are the mosque of Sultan Selim I (built 1521-1527), the mosque of Sultan Suleiman I (built about 1550), and the mosque of the Sultana Validen, built for the mother of Sultan Murad III; all at Constantinople.




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