Jacob Colyn
sculptor; d. 1601.
The most celebrated work of the sculptor Colyn is the fireplace of the Rathhaus at Kampen, Holland (1543-1545). He appears first in Utrecht in the accounts of the Buurtkerk (1544-1545). In 1580 he made the monument of the Archbishop Frederik Schenk van Toutenberg, and in 1585 the monument to Govert van Reede in the church of the village of Amerongen, Holland.

Jacopo Alessandre Vittoria
sculptor and architect; b. 1524; d. 1608.
The autograph notes of Vittoria, preserved in the state archives at the convent of S. Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice, are the most important source of information about his life. He was born at Trente in the Tyrol, and received his first training in his native city. He went to Venice in 1543, and entered the atelier of Jacopo Sansovino in the Procuratie Vecchie. In 1547 he went to Vicenza and assisted Palladio on the basilica and other buildings until 1553, when he returned to Venice. Much of the sculpture on the facade and stucco of the interior of Sansovino's Libreria is the work of Vittoria. Especially fine are the two caryatides of the main door. The famous stucco decoration of the Scala d'Oro in the Doges' Palace is ascribed to him by Temanza without corroboration. He was also associated with Michele Sammichele, for whom, with the assistance of Pietro da Salo and Danese Cattaneo, he made the sculpture of the monument of the Admiral Contarini in the church of S. Antonio at Padua. In 1556-1558 he made the sculpture of the monument to Francesco Venier at S. Salvatore (Venice), designed by Sansovino. About 1568 he superintended the sculptural decoration of the villa Barbaro at Maser, built by Palladio and painted by Paolo Veronese. Vittoria built the Scuola di San Fantino (now Ateneo, Venice) after 1562. He devoted the last years of his life to the construction and decoration of the Capella del Rosario at the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo (Venice). This chapel, which commemorated the battle of Lepanto (October 7, 1571), and contained the picture of Peter Martyr by Titian, was burned August 16, 1867. Vittoria's tomb at S. Zaccria (Venice) was erected partly by himself from his own designs. A list of his works is published by Moschini.




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