Guillaume Guillain
builder (entrepreneur) and architect; d. after 1582.
Guillaume Guillain married a Pierette Chambiges, who is supposed to have been a daughter of Pierre Chambiges (I), and appears to have succeeded him about 1544 as maître des œuvres of the city of Paris. With Jehan Langeois, he engaged to build the châteaux of Saint Gemain-en-Laye and La Muette, according to the contract which had been made with Pierre Chambiges (I), September 22, 1539. Between 1555 and 1568 he received large payments for the construction of that portion of the Louvre which was designed by Pierre Lescot. In 1578 he assisted at the deliberations relative to the Pont Neuf, Paris.

John of Padua
In a grant of Henry VIII, dated June 30, 1544, there is mention of John of Padua and his "good and faithful service in architecture and in other inventions in music." A list of buildings attributed, without evidence, to John of Padua is published in the Architectural Publication Society's Dictionary, among others the portico of Charlecote House, Wiltshire (1558); Holdenby Home, Northamptonshire; Wollaton House, Nottinghamshire.

Hugues Sambin
Architect of the city of Dijon (Côte d'Or, France). He built the fine western portal of the church of S. Michel at Dijon. The signature on the bas-relief of the tympanum is supposed to be modern. Other works at Dijon are ascribed to him.




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