Pierre Guillain
builder (entrepreneur) and architect.
A son of Guillaume Guillain. He was associated with his father, after 1575, in the direction of the public works of the city of Paris, and in 1578 in the deliberations relative to the construction of the Pont Neuf. April 20, 1582, he succeeded his father. From 1594 until after 1600 Guillain was associated with Pierre Chambiges (II) (see Chambiges, Pierre, II) and others in the construction of the western half of the Grande Galerie of the Louvre and the adjacent parts of the Tuileries.

Rodrigo del Haya
sculptor and architect.
In 1575 Haya made the statues of S. Andres and of S. Matias in the cathedral of Burgos, Spain. In 1577, with his brother Martin, he commenced the great retable of that church.

Domenica Tibaldi
architect; b. 1541; d. 1583.
A younger brother of Pellegrino Tibaldi, whom he assisted in many of his undertakings. He built the choir of the church of S. Pietro, the archbishop's palace (1575-1577), the Palazzo Magnani Giadotti in the Piazza Rossini (one of his best works), the Palazzo Matteo, and the court of the Palazzo di Giustizia, all at Bologna. Although in the Baroque style, his work shows much classical refinement.




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