Louis Métezeau
architect; b. about 1559; d. August 18, 1615.
Louis was probably a son of Thibaut Métezeau, and grandson of Clément (I). In an entry of the register of the city of Dreux (Eure-et-Loire), France, he appears as architecte du roi et contrôleur des bâtiments royaux, and in a receipt for marbles dated March 23, 1609, he describes himself as concièrge et garde des meubles du palais des Thuillerys de sa Magesté. Louis Métezeau wae employed in the construction of the Petite and Grande Galeries at the Louvre.

Sir Henry Wotton
poet, diplomatist, and writer on architecture; b. 21 March 1568; d. 5 December 1639.
The brilliant Elizabethan poet and diplomatist represented England in Venice for twenty years. On his return to England in 1594 he prepared a tract on architecture, The Elements of Architecture, collected by Henry Wotton, Knight, from the Best Authors and Examples. The book seems to have been first published in 1651 in the collection of Wotton's miscellaneous productions, with a sketch of his life by his friend Isaak Walton. It is based on Vitruvius and the old Italian writers. It has many quaint and interesting practical suggestions. A reprint was issued in 1901.




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