Jean Bullant (of Amiens)
The records concerning Jean Bullant of Amiens usually refer to two persons. There may have been more. One Jean Bullant began in 1524 the church of Saint Jean hors les-Murs, at Amiens (Somme, France), and in 1525, the tour Le Compte, at Lucheu. According to the records of the Echivinage, a Jean Bullant was Machon de la grande église (cathedral), in 1633.
In 1569 another Jean Bullant was charged with the reconstruction of the belfry of Amiens, and made un pourtraict sur six feuilles de papier collés ensemble. From 1565 to 1574 he was occupied with the fortifications of the city of Amiens.

Jehan Durantel
About 1569 Durantel built the Halle aux draps (cloth market) of Paris. February 24, 1578, he was called in consultation concerning the construction of the Pont Neuf in Paris. He appears several times in the records of that work in association with the Guillain father and son, Pierre Chambiges (II), and Jean de Verdun.

Thibaut Métezeau (Theobald)
architect; b. October 21, 1533; d. 1596.
Thibaut Métezeau was a younger son of Clément (I) Métezeau. He seems to have lived and worked at Dreux, France, until 1569, when he went to Paris. According to Brice he was an associate architect or contractor on the Pont Neuf, begun 1578. He was architect of the Duc d'Alençon in 1576, and of the king Henry III. In 1570 and 1582 he was employed on the chapel of the Valois at Saint-Denis. Sauval attributes to him the Salle des Antiques at the Louvre, and Berty (Les Grands architectes) ascribes to him the earliest plans for the Grande Galerie du Louvre.

Hans Vredeman de Vries
painter and architect; b. 1527 (at Leeuwarden, Holland); d. 1588.
A pupil of Reijer Gerritszen, glass painter, of Amsterdam. In 1569 he assisted in the erection of the triumphal arch in honor of the entry of Charles V into Antwerp. De Vries painted many perspective decorations in Mechlin, Frankfurt, Braunschweig, Prague, Hamburg, Danzig, and elsewhere, and made many designs for buildings, furniture, monuments, etc. He published works on Perspective and Architecture.




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