Laurent and Gérard Baudrot (Boudrot)
In 1607 Laurent succeeded Gérard Faulchot in the superintendence of the works at the Cathedral of Troyes. Gérard Baudrot was probably his son, and in 1620 and 1622 appears as employed in connection with the cathedral.

Francois Quesnel
architect and painter.
With Claude de Chastillon he made the plans of the hospital of S. Louis (Paris), which was built in 1607. Quesnel was the author of the first geometrical plan of the city of Paris.

John Thrope
The author of an architectural sketch book preserved in the museum founded by Sir John Soane. It is a folio volume of 282 pages, containing drawings of about 140 different buildings of the early sixteenth century in England. Many of these represent buildings in course of construction, others are sketches of existing buildings, others are copied from French works on architecture, especially those of Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau. There is also a record of a payment made to him in the issues of the Exchequer.

Domenico Fontana, facade of the Palazzo del Quirinale (Rome: 1607).




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