Domenico Fontana
architect; b. 1543; d. 1607.
Domenico was born in Lombardy near Lake Como, and came to Rome during the lifetime of Michelangelo. He was a protégé of the Cardinal Montalto (Pope Sixtus V, 1585-1590). About 1580 he built this cardinal's villa (later Villa Negroni, Rome). When Montalto became Pope he made Domenico pontifical architect (1585). He built the lantern of the main cupola of S. Peter's church according to the designs of Michelangelo. Fontana moved the obelisk of Nero's circus from its old position to the Piazza di S. Pietro (1586). He also placed the obelisk of the Piazza del Popolo (1587) and that of the Piazzi di S. Giovanni in Laterano (1588). About 1586 he began the façade of the northern transept of the church of S. Giovanni in Laterano, Rome. He also built the Palazzo Laterano and the palace of Sixtus V at the Vatican. The fountain of the Acqua Paola, Rome, is usually credited to his brother Giovanni. Domenico designed the similar fountain of the Termini, Rome. He built the facade of the Palazzo Quirinale in the Via Pia (see Mascherino). In 1592 Domenico removed to Naples, and built there the Palazzo Reale.

Jean Jacquet
According to Sauval, the brothers Jacques, Jean, and Mathieu Jacquet were among the most skilful builders in Paris in 1530. Jean, a son of Mathieu, was architect of the church of S. Gervais, Paris, from 1580 to 1603.




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