Bartolomeus van Bassen
painter and architect.
In 1613 van Bassen was a member of the guild of painters at Delft. In 1622 he went to the Hague. After a visit to England, he settled at Arnheim and designed the façade of the Rathhaus of that city. He held the office of city architect at The Hague.

Salomon de Brosse (Jacques)
architect; b. about 1560 (at Venreuil-sur-Oise, France); d. December 7, 1626.
The baptismal name of the great De Brosse was Salomon, and not Jacques as formerly supposed. He was probably a son of Jehan de Brosse and a nephew of Jacques (II) Androuet du Cerceau. He was appointed architect of Maria de' Medici, queen of Henri IV (b. 1553; d. 1610). In 1615 he began for her the palace of the Luxembourg (Paris), which was nearly completed in 1620. The principal characteristics of the Luxembourg are usually supposed to have been derived from the garden facade of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence (see Ammanati). They were probably rather suggested by the old château of Verneuil-sur-Oise (destroyed), which is supposed to have been designed by Jacques (I) Androuet du Cerceau. Between 1613 and l624 Salomon built the new aqueduct of Arcueil to supply the Luxembourg with water. He built also the fountain of the Medici in the Luxembourg garden. Between 1616 and 1621 he built the portal of the church of S. Gervais (Paris), and between 1618 and 1620 the Salle des Pas-Perdus at the Palais de Justice (Paris), to replace the mediaeval hall burned in 1618. De Brosse was a Huguenot. In a register of burials of an old Protestant cemetery in Paris is found the entry, Solomon de Brosse, ingénieur et architecte des bastimens du roy, natif de Verneuil, enterré a Saint-Père, le 9. decembre 1626.

Augustin Guillain
builder and architect; b. January 4, 1581; d. June 6, 1636.
A son of Pierre Guillain. He was associated with his father, and in 1613 replaced him as director of the public works of the city of Paris. At the old Hôtel de Ville, Paris, he built the pavillion on the left behind the Pavillon du S. Esprit.




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