Jean de Brosse (Jehan)
architect; d. 1585.
Jean de Brosse is mentioned in the accounts of Marguerite de Valois, first wife of Henri IV (b. 1553; d. 1610), as architecte et secrétaire d' icelle dame. He married Julienne, the sister of Jacques (I) Androuet du Cerceau, and was the father of the famous Salomon de Brosse.

Ludovico Caracci
b. April 21, 1555; d. November 13, 1610.
The three Caracci painters, of whom Ludovico was the oldest and the uncle of the other two, were of very great celebrity in the seventeenth century and down to the middle of the eighteenth; their more important works, especially those of Annibale, being still cited in old-fashioned books of instruction and reference as ranking with the first paintings in the world. Modern opinion has turned in a very different direction, and, while admitting the immense abilities of these painters, is inclined to rank them much lower in the scale of good taste and true artistic power. They did some mural and decorative work, especially in Rome.

Charles David
architect; b. 1552; d. December 4, 1650.
In 1582 David married the daughter of Nicolas Lemercier. In 1585 he succeeded his father-in-law as architect of the church of S. Eustache (Paris), and continued that work in the peculiar and interesting style established by his predecessors. He built the choir (1637) and the old portal which was reconstructed in 1753 by Jean Hardouin-Mansart de Jouy.

Martino Lunghi (the elder)
Architect of the school of Giacomo della Porta in Rome. He designed the church of S. Maria della Vallicella, the façade of S. Girolamo degli Schiavoni, after 1585, the Palazzo Ceri, and the Palazzo Altemps, all in Rome. Lunghi's most important work is the Palazzo Borghese, Rome, 1590.




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