Clément Métezeau (II)
architect; b. February 6, 1581; d. 1652.
He was a son of Thibaut Métezeau, and grandson of Clément (I). He enjoyed the protection of Marie de' Medici, queen of Henry IV of France, and was associated with Salomon de Brosse in the construction of the palace of the Luxembourg, Paris. In 1624 he had already become architect to Louis XIII. His name is especially associated with the great dike which was built across the harbour of La Rochelle, Charente-Inférieure, France, to secure the reduction of that city, besieged by Louis XIII. The dike was designed by Métezeau in association with Jean Thériot, an engineer, and built by Jean Thériot.

Cosimo Fansaga
architect and sculptor; b. 1591, at Bergamo, Italy; d. 1678.
According to Milizia, he built the facade of the church of S. Spirito de' Napolitani, in Rome. About 1626 he went to Naples, and built the façade of the church of S. Ferdinando (1628), the church of S. Theresa (Terresella, 1625), the fine facade of the Sapienza, and other buildings.




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