Thomas Archer
architect; b. 1668; d. May 23, 1743.
He was a pupil of Sir John Vanbrugh and executed under his direction the Church of the Evangilist, Westminster. He built also the Church of S. Philip at Birmingham (England). Several of his edifices are illustrated in Campbell.

Matthias von Braun
sculptor and architect; b. 1684 (at Innsbruck); d. February 15, 1738 (at Prague).
Braun commenced the practice of sculpture while quite young, and at the age of sixteen went to Italy, where he formed himself on the work of Bernini. In 1705 he was called to Bohemia by the Count Franz Anton Spork, and employed by him on his residence at Graslitz for several years. His work included bas-reliefs and colossal statues cut in the native rock. In 1720 he went to Prague, and was later established in Vienna as court sculptor by the Emperor Charles VI.

John James
architect; d. 1746.
He succeeded Nicholas Hawksmoor as clerk of the works at Greenwich Hospital in 1705, was appointed master carpenter of S. Paul's church in 1711, and in 1716 assistant surveyor at the same church. His best design is the church of S. George, Hanover Square, London. James published in 1708 a translation of the treatise on the Five Orders, by Claude Perrault, and in 1710 a translation of the Perspective of Andrea Pozzo. He published also The Theory and Practice of Gardening, which gives the methods of his day.




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