Colin Campbell
architect; d. September 13, 1727.
Nothing is known of Campbell's birth and education. He was a protégé of Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington. His most important work was Wanstead House (Essex, England), built about 1715-1720, destroyed 1822. Campbell assisted Lord Burlington in the reconstruction of Burlington House, London. In 1726 he was appointed surveyor of the works at Greenwich Hospital, London. At the suggestion of Lord Burlington, he published, in three volumes, three hundred illustrations of English buildings under the title Vitruvius Britannicus, or the British Architect. Another edition, with two additional volumes by John Woolfe and James Gandon, was published in 1767. On the title-page of Vitruvius Britannicus the name is spelled Colen.

Domenico Rossi
architect; d. 1742.
A pupil of Baldassare Longhena. He built the fçcade of the church of S. Eustachio, the church of S. Maria dei Gesuiti (1715-1728), the Palazzo Corner della Regina (1724), and the Palazzo Saudi (1721), all in Venice.

Ferdinando Ruggieri
architect; b. 1691; d.1741.
Ruggieri rebuilt (1736) the interior of the church of S. Felicità, designed the façade of the church of S. Firenze (1715), and assisted Carlo Fontana in the construction of the Palazzo Capponi, all in Florence. He is best known by his Studio d'Architettura Civile.

Philippus Vingbooms
An architect of Amsterdam, who erected many important buildings in Holland, and in 1715 published two folio volumes on architecture.




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