13 September

335 Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is dedicated

1178 William of Sens thrown from a scaffold at the cathedral of Canterbury

1506 death of Andrea Mantegna

1636 death of Simon de Pape
1657 death of Jacob van Campen
1693 birth of Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach

1727 death of Colin Campbell
1750 birth of Friedrich Ludwig Sckell
1755 letter from Robert Adam regarding Piranesi's 'next plan' of ancient Rome as a separate publication

breakdown of exhibit I
1997.09.13     2121

comparative museum types
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UaA: further development
2000.09.13     3899h 5128

2000.09.13     3899h 3773c

Philadelphia churches, etc.
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"design" vs. "styling"
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2005.09.13 13:16     3749h 3770k 3773f
2005.09.13 13:39     3749h 3770k 3773f 7705
2005.09.13 13:34     3749h 3770k 3773f
2005.09.13 17:05     3749h 3770k 3773f 7705

Quondam ideas
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the concept of surface
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The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
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Process is more important than product
2009.09.13 19:38     3332d

Bufalini--Piranesi 01
2010.09.13     e257a e2590 e2726a e2732 e2986 e3087

Bufalini--Piranesi 02
2010.09.13     e2590 e2811

"I loved 'quondam' — I loved the sound of the word, the way it"
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12 September
2015.09.13 18:52     3312m

appositions, ICA thesis
2015.09.13     3115e

scanning (and purge) of the flat files
2015.09.13     3115e

Celebrity-turned-"designer"-shitting-on-real-architect thread du jour
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2016.09.13 19:52     3728k

Lara Resco.Beatriz Quintana.Diego Acón.Gilberto Ruíz   House of Fairy Tales   Odense

Bureau Spectacular   Five Houses   Los Angeles

2005.09.13 12:27
"design" vs. "styling"
It's probably true that fashion has always been more about style than design. The design of most clothes really hasn't changed all that much over the last century or so, but the style certainly has. Style is basically ephemeral.
Design gets bad when it also becomes ephemeral because that mostly also means that the real underlying design is then planned obsolescence.

2005.09.13 13:16
"design" vs. "styling"
ephemeral (adj)
1.Lasting for a markedly brief time.
2. Living or lasting only for a day, as certain plants or insects do.
ephemeral (noun)
1. A markedly short-lived thing

2005.09.13 13:39
"design" vs. "styling"
The muddy water clears up real quick for me as soon as I add 'ephemerality' to the mix.
It even helps in these muddy waters.

2005.09.13 13:34
"design" vs. "styling"
It is not that something ephemeral cannot also be design, it is more that "Design gets bad when it also becomes ephemeral because that mostly also means that the real underlying design is then planned obsolescence."
The main reason I see ephemeral designs as not good designs is because the ephemeral things don't just disappear, but become trash. What is most commercial packaging, for example, if not ultimately highly designed trash. Plus that pavilion thingy recently/currently(?) at PS1--it didn't take very long at all for that to get trashy.

2005.09.13 17:05
"design" vs. "styling"
I'm more interested in the self evidence of it all. For example, I like the design of MVRDV's Dutch Pavilion, especially as presented in drawings and within the continuum of their oeuvre. I didn't so much like the Pavilion as built (at least from the images I've seen). And now there is no denying that the Dutch Pavilion is leftover trash, architecture that might be saved or that might be demolished. Overall (so far), the good reality of the design is outweighed by the bad reality of the design.
Is the Dutch Pavilion also stylized? It seems to be so in that a lot of it was also high-maintenance.
Will the design of the Dutch Pavilion ever be a true paradigm for future architecture? I'll say definitely maybe.

07091301 collection of museum plans   2142i17
07091302 ICM base for redrawing   2110i62

2008.09.13 08:20
the concept of surface
thinking of the separate surface...

...and the contiguous surface...

...and again
the concept of surfing

2009.09.13 11:22
The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
You're thinking of A Landscape of Events (2000). Briefly looked through it last night.
From Tshumi's 'Forward':
"Time rather than space is the theme of this book: the collapse of time, the acceleration of time, the reversal of time, the simultaneity of all times. ... Space becomes temporal."
So, not so much about the collapse of distance...
Fell asleep reading "The Accident Museum", a text now already 23 years old, written soon after the Challenger explosion.

2009.09.13 15:22
The Collapse of Distance - Benjamin/Virilio
Say you discovered some planets orbiting a star 100 lights years away from Earth. All you're really sure of that there were some planets orbiting that star 100 years ago, and more certain proof of those planets being there at the same time you discovered them will (perhaps) come 100 years later.
You could also make a philosophical argument that the lion's share of what we see in the night sky doesn't even exist in our time. So much for the collapse of the Universe.
"All reality is relative to the vastness of its container."

13091301 Urban Components plan model   2230i01   b

14091301   Lara Resco.Beatriz Quintana.Diego Acón.Gilberto Ruíz   House of Fairy Tales   Odense

15091301   Bureau Spectacular   Five Houses   Los Angeles

16091301 Brant House Addition plan elevation images attached   223bi02   b

17091301 Casa da Musica plans sections to scale   2320i02
17091302 Casa da Musica plans sections layered   2320i03
17091303 Casa da Musica level one plan   2320i04
17091304 Casa da Musica level two plan   2320i05
17091305 Casa da Musica level three plan   2320i06
17091306 Casa da Musica level four plan   2320i07
17091307 Casa da Musica level five plan   2320i08
17091308 Casa da Musica longitudinal section   2320i09
17091309 Casa da Musica cross section   2320i10

18091301 appositional architecture houses plans Adler house DeVore House Fruchter House Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp Fisher House Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci Brant House Tucker Town Brant House Addition Wissenshaftzentrum Kasperson House Long Gallery House ICA House Cooper & Pratt House Winton Guest House Mayor's House Green Enfilade House   217ei10
18091302 Notre Dame du Haut plan   217ui09

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.09.13)





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