Carlo Fontana
architect; b. 1634; d. 1714.
It is not known that Carlo was related to either Domenico or Giovanni Fontana. He was a pupil of Bernini. He built the facade of the church of S. Marcello in the Corso (Rome, 1683), the monument of Queen Christina of Sweden in S. Peter's church (1689), the facade of the church of S. Maria in Trastevere (1702), the cupola of the cathedral of Montefiascone and the cathedral of Fulda (1696). The villa of the princes of Lichtenstein at Vienna was built from his designs between 1697 and 1700. He built the Palazzo Bolognetti (now Torlonia), Rome, 1680, the Palazzo Grimani, Rome, the Villa Visconti at Frascati, and the great portal of the Palazzo Reale at Genoa. Fontana succeeded Mattia de' Rossi as architect of S. Peter's church in the reign of Innocent XII (Pope 1691-1700), and published his descriptive monograph, Templum Vaticanum, in 1694. He published also works on the Flavian Amphitheatre, on the aqueducts, and on the inundations of the Tiber. Fontana designed several fountains in Rome. His nephews, Girolamo and Francesco Fontana, assisted him in his work.

Pierre Lepautre
architect, draftsman, and engraver; b. 1659; d. 1744.
A son of Jean Lepautre; he was brought up as an engraver and draftsman. Pierre Lepautre was the principal draftsman employed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in the construction of Versailles, Marly, and the other royal palaces. He published Les Plans, profils et élévations des ville et château de Versailles (Paris, 1716, large folio).




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