Nicolas Camaron
sculptor and architect; b. 1692; d. 1767.
Camaron executed the choir stalls of the cathedral of Segorbe (Valencia, Spain) as well as the great retable of the church of the Jesuits in that city.

Nikolai Eigtved
architect; b. June 22, 1701; d. June 7, 1754.
Eigtved began as a gardener in Germany. In 1729 he served in the Saxon army as lieutenant of engineers. In 1732 he was sent by Christian VI of Denmark (d. 1746), to study architecture in Italy. On his return he was made court architect, inspector of the Academy at Copenhagen (1745), and finally director of the Academy (1751). He built the palace of the crown prince (1745), the four palaces of the Amalienborg place, the old Royal Theatre, the palaces of Christianborg, Fredensborg, Sophienberg, and Bregentved. Eigtved began the "Marble Church" at Copenhagen, which was continued by Nicolas Henry Jardin.

Ferdinando Fuga
architect ; b. 1699 (Florence); d. about 1784.
Fuga was called to Rome by Clement XII (Pope 1730-1740) to complete the works begun by Alessandro Specchi at the Palazzo Quirinale. His earliest independent work is the Palazzo della Consulta near the Quirinal, and his most important undertaking the Palazzo Corsini in Rome (1732). His last years were spent in Naples. In 1781 he began the reconstruction of the cathedral of Palermo.

from 1732 Salon de la Princesse Hotel de Soubise, Paris




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