22 June

1701 birth of Nikolai Eigtved
1722 James Gibbs began the "Senate House" in Cambridge
1748 birth of John Carter

studio combined with exhibition space
2001.06.22     3830

2005.06.22 12:54     3705k 3730h 3765d 3777e 5905b

Anti-Starchitecture Chic
2007.06.22 08:58     3335p
2007.06.22 10:12     3335p
2007.06.22 10:24     3335p 3704c 3705m 3724d
2007.06.22 10:56     3335p
2007.06.22 13:33     3335p
2007.06.22 14:52     3335p 3749l
2007.06.22 15:03     3335p 3749l 3770p 3775l
2007.06.22 15:18     3335p
2007.06.22 16:57     3335p
2007.06.22 17:32     3335o
2007.06.22 18:08     3335o

Interesting, under-the-radar sites in Philadelphia.
2007.06.22 15:46     3335p

Gay Architects
2009.06.22 14:09   3332l

Five senses
2015.06.22 14:53     3311c 3716i

View from the Farnsworth House may soon be a lot drier
2015.06.22 17:40     3311c 3775z

Clay Workers Co-op     9009e
Chemistry Building for Columbia University     9009e

OMA   MNBAQ Pierre Lassonde Pavilion   Quebec

2007.06.22 10:57
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Not that we're sexist out here, but we do like Phillip's museum of architecture a lot better than Phyllis's. Virtual museum pieces all over the place in real 3D. I mean, who else has done that?!?
Q: what comes after museum?
A: pre-shrine.

2007.06.22 14:52
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Here's what's going on:
1. The star system is shrouded with lots of myth. The reality has more to do with PR, paying a publicist, designer labeling business, etc.
2. What you are really "longing" for is to be "published" without having to be a starchitect.
2a. By all means do not self-publish! That will render 'publishing' obsolete and all standards would be lost in the process--so much for the reality of relativity. [But don't be fooled, it's more just that the powers-that-be want to keep holding the power--the devil wears Prada and takes best care of itself.]
3. If you really want to make a change within the field of architecture, make sure you bring lots of money to the table first.

2007.06.22 15:03
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Haven't you heard, Zeitgeist is so yesterday!

11062201 Eclectic Houses elevations plans sections scans   223ai04

14062201 psa/cri in situ plus via Appia (Canina map attached) with via Appia adjusted to angle and scale of Mausoleum of Romulus/Circus of Maxentius   206bi18
14062202 psa/cri composite plans in situ plus via Appia raw Basilica of Maxentius/Constantine and Basilica Sessorianum moved to align with the Canina map   206bi19

15062201 NNTC08 plans   3403i08
15062202 NNTC09 plans   3403i09
15062203 NNTC10 plans   3403i10
15062204 NNTC11 plans   2329i06 3403i11

16062201 GAUA S22 IQ24 block inverted opaque  
16062202 GAUA S22 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i207
16062203 GAUA S23 IQ24 block inverted opaque  
16062204 GAUA S23 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i208
16062205 Roma Interrotta sector VI Tempietto Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen enlarged plans IQ15 images attached   2226i28   b   c
16062206 Roma Interrotta sector VI Tempietto Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen enlarged Pantheon Paradigm IQ15 plans images attached   2226i29

16060201   OMA   MNBAQ Pierre Lassonde Pavilion   Quebec

17062201 Unité d'Habitation elevations   217qi01
17062202 De Vore House plan elevation   217ei06
17062203 Fisher House plans site plans sections elevations   2187i07
17062204 Milam House plans sections elevation   2184i00

21062201   atypical Philadelphia base map City Tower Mikveh Israel Synagogue City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Salustiani/Hadriani Mall M4NRWF@Franklin Court Franklin Square Redux   2093i120
21062202   Ulm Stadhaus Exhibition & Assembly Building schematic plan model opaque frozen opaque   225li02   b
21062203   Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art schematic plan model opaque frozen opaque   225hi04

22062201 Circus Maximus Roman Forum Palatine Hill plan actual size   206pi01




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