Nicolas SÚbastien Adam
sculptor; b. 1705, at Nancy, France; d. 1778.
He followed his older brother, Lambert Sigisbert Adam, to Paris in 1721, and to Rome in 1724, and he helped him in much of his work. One of his most characteristic performances is the monument to Catherine Opalinska, queen of Stanislas I, King of Poland, in the Church of the Bon Secours at Nancy.

William Adam (I)
architect; d. June 24, 1748.
William was the father of the brothers, Robert and James Adam. He designed a large number of residences in Scotland, the library and University of Glasgow, the town hall of Dundee, the royal infirmary, the orphan's hospital, Edinburgh, etc. William Adam held the office of King's Mason at Edinburgh.

Thomas Ripley
b. about 1685; d. 1758.
In 1705 he obtained the freedom of the Carpenters' Company. Favoured by Sir Horace Walpole, he became chief carpenter of the king, 1721, a place previously held by Grinling Gibbons. He built Houghton Hall, Norfolkshire, from the designs of Colin Campbell, and from 1724 to 1730 Wolterton House in the same shire. At about the same time he built the Admiralty, in London, except the facade.

Alessandro Specchi
In cooperation with Francesco de' Sancti he built in Rome between 1721 and 1725 the immense stairway leading from the Piazza di Spagna to the church of S. TrinitÓ de' Monti, the fašade of which was built by Domenico Fontana. He built the stalls of the Palazzo Quirinale, Rome.




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