François Baeckelmans
architect; b. April 17, 1827; d. 1896.
Baeckelmans built the Palais de Justice, at Antwerp (Belgium), the churches of Sempst, Laer, S. Armand, etc., and was professor at the Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts, at Antwerp.

Paul René Léon Ginain
architect; b. 1825 ; d. March 7, 1898.
Ginain was a pupil of Lebas, and won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome in 1852. He built in Paris the church of Notre Dame des Champs, the library of the Faculté de Médecine, the Musée Brignole-Galiera, and other works. He was professor of architecture in the Ècole des Beaux Arts, member of the Institut, and architecte honoraire of the French government and the city of Paris.

1867.08.16 the Capella del Rosario, by Vittoria at the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo (Venice), containing the picture of Peter Martyr by Titian, was burned.




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