Albert Speer, Third Reich Pavilion (Paris: World Exhibition, 1937).

Albert Speer, Neue Reichskanzlei (Berlin, 1937).

Louis I. Kahn, Congregation Ahavath Israel now Grace Temple Church Inc. (Philadelphia: 6735 North 16th Street, 1935-37), images: 1998.10.29 and 2002.08.09.   4011h

29 October 1998 9 August 2002

"Seeing the other day how Ahavath Israel Synagogue is now again changed was like a gift to me in that I was there looking because I'm working on Somewhat Incompletely Louis I. Kahn. I'm beginning to believe that the notion of incompleteness is exactly what's missing from design theory, teaching and practice, and, indeed, that an understanding of incompleteness could help remedy at least some of what you see as being so wrong today."

Silverman and Levy, Dr. Bachrach's Animal Hospital (Philadelphia: 1937), images: 1998.10.29



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