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Re: Architectural theories, again
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Re: architecture and nature...
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Campo Marzio discoveries
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Thermantia and Melania
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did any artists make reservations?
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Iconography, or the problem of representation
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"Breaking The Japanese Grid"
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visited Kahn's grave today
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transcription of Postmodern or Posthistoire?
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Scanned the interview...
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Improvisation and Troublemaking: Frank Gehry in Conversation with Eric Owen Moss at SCI-Arc
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Rem praises Dubai for its sophistication
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Smiljan Radic   Radic Pavilion   Bruton

Re: Architectural theories, again
What makes some architecture good and some bad?
When it comes to extremes, I think of Christ when he said (and I'm here paraphrasing) "be either hot or cold, for if you're luke warm I'll vomit you out of my mouth." Mediocrity, it appears, is the worst of all, and I believe that goes for architecture as well. The good and the bad are both acceptable (and indeed to be "learned from"). Knowing mediocrity, then, complements and enhances the knowing ("making") of "good" and "bad".
Please tell me I didn't just inadvertanty propose Learning from Mediocrity!

2004.03.18 12:51
Re: architecture and nature...
nature of fertility?
nature of assimilation?
metabolic nature?
nature of osmosis?
electro-magnetic nature?
the nature of all frequency?
or merely
the academically stunted nature of imitation? (doctored mimesis)
visceral reenactment
or merely
reenacting a who or a what

2005.03.18 12:39
did any artists make reservations?
...in honor of the 14 May 1999 discovery of the two states of the Ichnographia Campi Martii by an outsider.
"De Spectaculis II" will also correct all the mistakes and crafty omissions made by David R. Marshall within "Piranesi, Javarra, and the Triumphal Bridge Tradition" (in The Art Bulletin, a quarterly published by the College Art Association, June 2003).

2006.03.18 10:42
Iconography, or the problem of representation
Alejadro wrote:
we forecast the development of a discipline of form with a double agenda, operating simultaneously as an organizational device and as a communicative device
Of all the images within this thread, what is mostly only seen are images/iconography that operate as a 'communicative devise'. There has been very little attention given to images/iconography as 'organizational devise'.
This makes me wonder whether there even is a real 'double agenda' at work here.
The terminal communicates as a wave, but is the terminal really organized like a wave? Does the terminal communicate as a wave because 'waves' of people move through it? It seems you could say that. But is the building itself really organized like a wave? Waves are for the most part ephemeral and non-symmetrical, aren't they?
A stadium looks like a nest (actually it looks more like basket weaving), but is the stadium really organized like a nest? Do large waves of people converge on a nest and then sit (on some eggs) and watch and then fly away? [If the answer is yes, then we very much have an example of reenactionary architecturism, although real nests are not organized to handle more than a few occupants.)
Gnomes with pointy hats may have a iconographic communicative relationship with a group of high pitched roof buildings, but are these buildings really organized like gnomes apart from being randomly scattered like the gnomes in the picture? Have there been studies showing that gnomes organize things in a randomly scattered manner?
How do you organize a building based on a sneaker? Moreover, what type of building would be appropriate to organize like a sneaker, a building to be used by lots of sneaky people?
I wonder what a real 'double agenda' building looks like.

2006.03.18 11:19
Iconography, or the problem of representation
It's been a while since I've read the fifth chapter of Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture: "Contradictory Levels Continued: The Double-Functioning Element." Maybe I'll read it again tonight.

2006.03.18 14:21
Iconography, or the problem of representation
This must be Bath, England or something.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but now we have to move to a megastructure called Stolen Thunder."

2006.03.18 11:11
"Breaking The Japanese Grid"
Adso, you say:
"I tried to dissuade students of the notion that program was a list of functions and square footages by getting them to think of program elements as verbs instead of nouns- a place for sleeping instead of merely a bedroom."
A place for sleeping and a bedroom don't really sound all that different to me because it's still just applying a function to a space.
[It seems] the point of Japanese architecture of the 16th century is that one could well choose to sleep in the moon viewing room or choose to sleep in the breeze catching room, or choose to sleep in the fragrant room etc. The same would go for eating, reading, (cooking?), etc.
And if all the sliding wall panels doubled as flat screen monitors, then you could watch TV anywhere too.
I wonder what verb best describes this type of thinking.

08031801 Palais House 10: Museum plan development   2198i14
08031802 Wave Wall House model   2395i01

09031801 IQ model section 4   2392i86

2011.03.18 10:06
visited Kahn's grave today
Kahn is buried at Montefiore Cemetery. It's in Rockledge (with a Jenkingtown zip code, I think), and more or less in my neighborhood now. I learned that Kahn was buried there a couple years ago, but never pursued it further. Since Kahn's death day was yesterday, and it was a really nice day here, I decided to go find his grave. And that's what I did. Turns out the grave is within easy eyesight of a road I've driven down innumerable times over the last 30 years.
While on my walk through Pennypack Park this morning, I tried to think of what Kahn building is now closest to his grave, and I think it's the Oser House in Elkins Park. The next closest would be either Pennypack Woods housing and commons, Ahavath Israel, Esherick House, Korman House or Fisher House.

14031801 New Not There City Ury Farm Campo Rovine Fox Chase context scan plan   2404i07   b

2014.03.18 13:52
Scanned the interview...
Scanned the interview quickly yesterday, and came back today for a careful read (but haven't) clicked on any links yet). Parts made me laugh, and I enjoyed the atmosphere overall. The images of the Farnsworth House and the Glass House struck me, and somehow made me think of that issue of Oppositions where Eisenman and Stern talk about Johnson and the Glass House--it turns out to be Oppositions 10 (Fall 1977). What a great issue--it's kind of like the above "interview" enlarged to 111 pages and raised to the third or fourth dimension. There's even a facsimile of William S. Huff's Symmetry 5. (On several occasions I've mentioned an indebtedness to all of Huff's 'Symmetry' essays reproduced in Oppositions).
...although it may not be easy to do, try anyway to get your hands on a copy of Oppositions 10 because I know it will be rewarding.
Believe it of not, this is the first image in Oppositions 10:

“I see the birds, cannot hear the chirps.”

2014.03.18 14:07
Scanned the interview...
And here's what the first two pages of Huff's Symmetry 5 look like:

Huff worked for Kahn in in the early 1960s, working on two substantial early works that were actually built. It wouldn't surprise if he was well familiar with Fuller, and also, for sure, very familiar with the 'geometric' work conducted by Tyng and Kahn.

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