9 August

1487 Alessandro Leopardi was banished from Venetian territory for five years for forgery

1541 first mention of Jean Goujon

1757 birth of Thomas Telford

experiments with the Philadelphia model/virtual history
1997.08.09     2093 3000f 3786

racing thoughts new urban landscapes
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next work on the Encyclopedia Ichnographica
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Alexander Severus
1998.08.09     e2540 e2660 e2682 e2776 e2869 e2893 5398g

Bye House in a new context
1998.08.09     2219 3713b

hypermural @ the Altes Museum
1998.08.09     3777 5998h

Koolhaas' Seattle Library
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the new Quondam
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Bilbao "Affect"
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The Idea of History, etc.
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Ahavath Israel     1937
Erdman Hall
Mill Creek Project, Phase 1     1956
Mill Creek Project, Phase 2     1963
Richards Medical
Oser House     1942 4032

Re: Congregation or Synagogue ?
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church plans (was synagogues)
2002.08.09 16:38     8210j

killing two birds
2002.08.09 17:27     3728e

Re: Bib. for Cyrillona’s Mariology?
2003.08.09 13:32     3728f

"How Did This Happen Revisited"
2005.08.09 14:58     3739f

A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part III     2006

Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
2008.08.09 07:30     3333i
2008.08.09 07:46     3333i 3747j

The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
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mental brainstorming, etc.
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Palais Imperial de Dolma Baghtche
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2016.08.09 20:45     3314k

Esther Sperber argues that to end abuse in architecture, stop believing in the creative genius myth
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2018.08.09 18:02     3316u

Smiljan Radic   Fondation Beyeler Extension Building   Riehen


2000.08.09 14:28
Koolhaas' Seattle Library
As to the Koolhaas phenomenon, you may be a bit extreme in your assessment (even though "extreme-ism" is perhaps one way to explain Koolhaas). I know him and his buildings only through books (excluding seeing an OMA building in Berlin that Koolhaas may not have had anything to do with). I can identify with the "vagueness," but it is exactly that vagueness that gets him all the attention. Haven't you noticed that by and large people don't like direct answers when it comes to design solutions? (I realize I'm potentially going out on a limb with that line of thinking.)
Interestingly enough, I have met with two of Koolhaas's former partners, Elias Zengalis and Eleni Gigantes. From what I can gather, there is an unrelenting drive to be MODERN MODERN MODERN among the present European "stars". Ironically, I believe that Americans (of the USA primarily) are extremely MODERN, and most of the time they don't even think about it. Today's American cities are in a constant battle with their own MODERNITY, which I'm sure you know all too well. American cities are extremely assimilating (absorbing) and at the same time extremely metabolic (equally creative and destructive).

2002.08.09 15:20
Re: Congregation or Synagogue ?
I revisited Ahavath Israel today, and sadly the facade has been changed, I was told circa 2000. The whole portion of the facade above the recessed entry is no longer brick, but now a salmon colored, textured CMU. This is yet another building to have changed since I last took pictures of it.
It dawned on me last night that both Wright's Beth Sholom and Kahn's Adath Jeshurun are hugely triangular in plan. Wright mailed the preliminary drawings to Rabbi Mortimer Cohen on 15 March 1954. Kahn's design is dated 1954-55. Since Beth Sholom and Adath Jeshurun are neighboring congregations, it wouldn't surprise me at all if architectural rivalry between the congregations was going on, and that Kahn even saw the Wright plans before he came up with his design. Has anyone heard of this possible connection before?


040809a Philadelphia base plan   2093i12
040809b Ichnographia Campus Martius   2342i09
040809c Ichnographia Campus Martius actual scale   2342i10
040809d Philadelphia and Ichnographia plans registered at Axis of Life/Benjamin Franklin Parkway   2392i17
040809e Philadelphia cropped to fit within Ichnographia border   2342i11
040809f Parkway palimpsest Ichnographia database   2348i01   b   c

08080901 Circle Squared Museum model   2206i15   b

2012.08.09 13:09
The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
Back in 2003, in to see in Philly, a quondam thread at archinect/forum, I wrote, "There's more obscure early Kahn in the Philadelphia area, kind of like going on a treasure hunt." Since then, someone has actually gone on that "treasure hunt" and published the findings on flickr.

13080901 Philadelphia mesh grid   2403i11
13080902 Philadelphia mesh grid Tiber river   2403i15
13080903 Philadelphia Tiber Logan/Hadrian registration   2403i13
13080904 Philadelphia ICM Logan/Hadrian registration true north   2403i14
13080905 Philadelphia mesh grid Tiber Porticus Neronianae   2403i15

14080901   ?

18080901 Eclectic Houses Egyptian 1 model   223ai10
18080902 Parc de la Villette Netherlands Architecture Institute Villa dall'Ava Villa Geerlings Maison à Bordeaux IQ63 plans   224ji05   b
18080903 Maison à Bordeaux plans sections elevations   2291i03
18080904 Netherlands Embassy plan work   2338i05

18080901   Smiljan Radic   Fondation Beyeler Extension Building   Riehen

19080901 Neue Staatsatpicality 001 plan   2483i01

21080901   museum collection Museum Annex plan elevation   2279i08
21080902   museum collection Analogous Building plan elevation   2287i17
21080903   museum collection 1997 Guggenheim Museum Ideal City Reenactment Fragment Museum plans elevations   2271i10




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