Ury House and Farm     Philadelphia

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14070601 c1812 site plan

14071201 c1812 site elevation

14070601 c1812 site model

14071203 c1972 site plan Ridgeway House plan

14071203 Ury Farm in Philadelphia context

various inspirations
...perhaps . . . move Acropolis Q to the Ury site.

domestic architecture at Ury Farm
07071804.db is a plan database where much of the domestic architecture in Quondam's collection is situated at Ury Farm. This is (at least) a project in scale, but also a virtual museum of architecture project.
...change and add to some of the designs. ...the project could be a commentary on present housing developments.

14071202 c1812 site model in sync with Latrobe watercolor via pers01.vw




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