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1858 death of Nicolas Marie Joseph Chapuy

1967 marriage of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown

philosophy of history
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Mars (Martis)
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German doors?
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blob and box
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cad play -- Quondam Ludi
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data filters
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aesthetic correction
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Koolhaas reenacting Kahn/Tyng?
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for the love of email or ...
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Mediterranean travel time ?
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archinect poem off
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Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
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Water and architecture
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domestic architecture at Ury Farm
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"dear architects...
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Architectural history: Moorish domes
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The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
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1999.07.23 09:32
German doors?
Your parenthetical reference to osmotic has not escaped me. Indeed it surprised me, especially since you point out a very interesting example of that inside/outside, permeable space that manifests the osmotic in architecture. I know that I from time to time have posted (vague?) ideas about the osmotic (metabolic, etc.) in architecture, but I didn't think any of it was much considered by others. Seeking out the osmotic in architecture is a rewarding experience. So far, the best gauge I can come up with is to see the Pantheon in Rome and Kahn's Kimbell Art Gallery and Schinkel's stair hall (German doors?) of the Altes Museum as osmotic at the high end, and an open bus stop at the low end. There's lots of in-between stuff out there, and, of course, it would be great if architects began to consciously create osmotic spaces.

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99072305 Acropolis Q perspectives   2266i01
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99072307 House in Laguna 001 plans   2267i03
99072308 Wacko House 001 model   2268i04
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blob and box
...about Corbu's Olivetti Headquarters design as the first manifetation of blob and box, and Stirling's Olivetti Headquarters as the second manifestation of the blob and box.

2001.07.23 10:15
aesthetic correction
I'm almost finished reading Gerhard Kopf's Piranesi's Dream...
...a excerpt I thought this list might find inducing:
"But even worse was to come. I was assused of reveling in the ugly. What humbug! The theory of the fine arts, the legislation of good taste, the science of aesthetics were already highly developed and thoroughly refined in my time. Only the concept of the ugly, although they touched upon it everywhere, had remained behind. And actually what is ugly exists insofar as what is beautiful does. What is ugly comes into being from and with the beautiful. It is indignant at what is beautiful and likes to form an alliance with what is comical. In Nature what is ugly exists as little as what is beautiful or straight lines do, and it is a mistake to consider disease a cause of what is ugly. The realm of the ugly is much larger than the realm of sensual phenomena in general. Beautiful and ugly are not value opposites, rather at best opposites of stimulation. Concerning anything that is ugly it must be said that the relationship to what is beautiful that is neglected by it is included. Only what is ugly guarentees the aesthetic correction of tradition."
Just think about how true (and perhaps even axiomatic) that last sentence really is.

2001.07.23 10:57
Koolhaas reenacting Kahn/Tyng?
There is an striking resemblence between the Koolhaas/OMA Seattle Public Library and Louis Kahn's and Anne Tyng's Muncipal Administrative Building project from 1956-57, a design for downtown Philadelphia.

Could it be that Koolhaas has moved on from reenacting late unbuilt Le Corbusier and American Mies, and is now finding inspiration in early unbuilt Kahn?

06072301 Romaphilia Philadelphia perspective

2007.07.23 09:54
Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
commodify the artifact
virtualize and open source the archive

07072301 Domestic Museum Villa Rotunda elevations   2370i16   b
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11072301 Chandigarh Capital Complex plans   2175i06

2013.07.23 11:27
Architectural history: Moorish domes
Interesting quest. I'm no expert, but I'll offer some pointers that may lead to further 'discoveries.'
Arch of Janus Quadrifrons, Rome, c. 315
According to Banister Fletcher, "It has a simple cross-vault with embedded brick box-ribs at the groins, affording a further instance of the progressive character of Roman constructive techniques: such ribs are possibly the prototypes of Gothic ribbed vaults."
The Roman Empire of the early 300s was more Eastern centric than Rome centric, with the emperors having more government centers in Asia Minor and Northern Europe than at Rome. For example, Diocletian (c. 300) ruled from Nicomedia (Izmet, Turkey), and before Constantine founded Constantinople (c. 330), he ruled two decades from Treves (Trier, Germany), having spent only about a total of two months in Rome over the course of 30 years. The point being there was a lot of back and forth between Northern Europe and Asia Minor, bringing about a 'cultural exchange' moving mostly from East to West. The Romanesque style very much grew out of this Eastern influence.
I'd try to do a parallel chronology of Moorish architecture and Romanesque architecture. I think you'll start finding similarities, with the Moorish evolving much quicker into elaborate vaulting and the Romanesque striving toward greater and greater height.

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