25 June

1482 first documented appearance of Alessandro Leopardi
1496 Michelangelo arrived at Rome

1798 death of Thomas Sandby

1925 birth of Robert Venturi
1992 death of James Stirling

Re: I'm not home Tuesday
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top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
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Dear Abra
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Envisioning the Past
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Live 8
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Is Archinect a Place?
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what value does art have in the world?
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Thread Central
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OMA is hiring
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Adam Sandler as an Architect: New Movie - Click
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Total Stoner Food
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For the pleasure of sharing ideas, through the poetry of the printed word
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Anti-Starchitecture Chic
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various inspirations
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Can you say canonical?
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Why are people so fascinated with classical architecture?
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23 June
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2003.06.25 16:50
top 5 movies with great architecture or regarding architecture
Did you know that when a depiction of Boullée is shown in The Belly of the Architect, the image is actually that of Piranesi?

Just over a year ago there was a display within "Theatrics Times Two" at www.quondam.com that compared the symmetry of The Ruling Class with the symmetry of The Belly of the Architect. I think Greenaway was much influenced by The Ruling Class.

2005.06.25 13:07
Dear Abra
What is "design in perspective?" Is it a building? Is it an interior design? Are there any historical examples?
If "design in perspective is design in non-Euclidean space," then does that mean it is indeed possible for something man-made to be non-Euclidean and at the same time exist in the overall near-Euclidean space that is our world to begin with? Or could/should the statement read "design in perspective is design OF non-Euclidean space?"
Could it be that human perception of space may be non-Euclidean, but that human imagination has evolved (so far) in a very Euclidean manner?

06062501 Acropolis Q model   2266i08
06062502 wack1.db plan and studio model   2360i09   b

13062501 Ichnographia Campus Martius contiguous elements plans   2110i93

15062501 Amalienburg image plan 1100x550   3392ui62
15062502 Durand Précis image plans elevations 1100x550   3392ui63
15062503 Lequeu Civile Architecture image elevation 1100x550   3392ui64
15062504 Altes Museum plan elevation 1100x550   3392ui65
15062505 Römischer Bäder image plan site plan 1100x550   3392ui66
15062506 Project for a Prince's Residence image elevation 1100x550   3392ui67
15062507 National Bank of the Rebublic image elevation 1100x550   3392ui68
15062508 House of Girard Avenue image elevation 1100x550   3392ui69
15062509 Brick Country House image plan 1100x550   3392ui70

16062501 GAUA S28 IQ24 block inverted opaque  
16062502 GAUA S28 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i213
16062503 GAUA S29 IQ24 block inverted opaque  
16062504 GAUA S29 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i214

17062501 Can Lis plan sections elevation   221ci00

17062501   OMA   RAI NHow Hotel   Amsterdam

18062501 museum collecting IQ43 Hadrian's Villa Palace of Versailles Mount Pleasant Altes Museum Robie House Whitemarsh Hall Philadelphia Museum of Art Maison La Roche-Jeanneret Bauhaus German Pavilion Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Casa da Fascio Fallingwater Danteum 5233 Arbor Street plans   206ki12
18062502 Fallingwater site plan plan elevation section   2169i01

19062501 iq grid fpr /62/index   2392i141

21062501   iiq06 Philadelphia Mikveh Israel Synagogue Wallraf-Richartz Museum Battery Park City Ulm Stadhaus Exhibition & Assembly Building Weishaupt Forum Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art Walt Disney Concert Hall Netherlands Architecture Institute Market Street East Development New Not There City World Trade Center M4NRWF@Franklin Court Salustiani/Hadriani Mall Franklin Square Redux plans   2093i123
21062502   House 10x8.5: Hypermuseum plan development   2497i01




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