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2006.01.25 12:58
Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
The first thesis studio crit was, well, a success. It was with Guida, and within a half hour he took everything I showed him, quickly assimilated it all, and then in one sentence--"You can put the galleries below grade, and do that with the rest of the program on top."--he conclusively inspired my project's whole parti.
"Wow. That's the building."
Ever since I saw Guida's design of the Kasperson Residence (Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, 1979), I knew he had an affinity for Kahn's Fisher House--there's no denying a good reenactment when you see one--so I felt sure he would be favorably responsive when I told him I would like to emulate Kahn's Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters paradigm. That's the "that" when he said, "...and do that with the rest of the program on top."

2009.01.29 10:21
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
It was a windy day in May, 1977, just after the end of 2nd year. The five of us, Ellen, Sue, Ron, Tony and myself, drove down in Tony's Fiat--like college kids packed in a phonebooth. We reenacted the classic shot of sitting on the steps even, and then went on to look the Murphy Levy Wurman houses also on the island. Scully's "historian's revenge" you know.
Gordon would love to now cut up one of his inspirations, and Kahn's thinking "the further wayward adventures of the Fisher House hippie child".
1. Nonstraightforward Architecture: A Gentle Manifesto
2. Complexity and Contradiction vs. Simplification or Picturesqueness
3. Ambiguity
4. Contradictory Levels: The Phenomenon of "Both-And" in Architecture
5. Contradictory Levels Continued: The Double-Functioning Element
6. Accommodation and the Limitations of Order: The Conventional Element
7. Contradiction Adapted
8. Contradiction Juxtaposed
9. The Inside and the Outside
10. The Obligation Toward the Difficult Whole
11. Works
Photograph Credits

2010.08.17 08:46
So, How's Architecture These Days?
An excursus between 'To ERr with SuperGlue' and 'Bilocation Syndrome':
1762 Ichnographia Campus Martius
1960-65 Eleanor Donnelly Erdman Hall
1960-67 Dr. and Mrs. Norman Fisher House
1965-69 Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci
1977 UNEP Headquarters
1979 Kasperson Residence
1979 Wissenschaftzentrum
1980 The Long Gallery House
1981 Institute of Contemporary Art
1982 Cooper & Pratt House
1982-87 Winton Guest House
1993 Wacko House 002
1993 Sober House 1
1999 Infringement Complex
2001 Ten Zen Men
2001 Room with a View
2002 NATO Headquarters
2006 Parrish Art Museum
2007 Hurva Dormitories
2007 Gooding Trice House
2007 Trivilla Savoye
2008 Hospice Søndergård
2008 Art Souq
2009 Basel Burghof



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