25 January

1714 birth of Jean Baptista Pigalle

1890 death of Frederick Leighton

eros & thanatos
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AD[vocating] PUBLICITY
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irony and feeling
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Engaging the intellect
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notitia, quondam
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...in yesterday's dusk
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2005 death of Philip Johnson

To err is ummm eh Human?
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Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
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The Beginning of a Semester, or Some Meditations on...
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Re: Philly Row House
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what is our current architectural style called
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Brussels and Belgium: what to see?
2013.01.25 12:28

Sam Lubell examines the U.S.'s trouble keeping top design talent
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25 January
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architectural otherness
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BIG   PFA Headquarters

Steven Holl   Cofco Cultural and Health Center

notitia, ae (gen. sing. notitiai, Lure. 2, 124. -Collat. from notities, Lure. 5, 182; 1047; Vitr. 6 prooem.), f [1. notus], a being known, celebrity, note, fame. I. Lit. (very rare): hi propter notitiam sunt intromissi, Nep. Dion. 9, 4: tanta notitia te invasit, Sen. Ep. 19, 3: plus notitiae quam fuit ante dedit, Ov. P. 3, 1, 49: virtus Notitiam serac posteritatisd habet, id. ib. 4, 8, 48. --II. Transf. (class.) A. AcquaintanceM with a person: quatnquam haec inter nos nuper admodum notitia est, Ter. Heaut. 1, 1, 1: fama adulescentis pautum haesit ad metas notitia nova mulieris, Cic. Cael. 31, 75,; Ov. M. 4, 59. --2. In partic.: notitiam feminae habere, to know or have carnel knowledge of a woman, Caes. B. G. 6, 21, 5; cf. cognosco. -B. In gen., a knowing, knowledge, an idea, conception, notion of a thing: notitiam praebere, Lucr. 5, 124: nostrae menti corpora posse vorti in notitiam, id. 2, 745: notitiam habere dei, Cic. Leg. 1, 8, 24: valetudo sustentatur notitia sui corporis, id. Off. 2, 24, 86: notitiae rerum, quas Graeci tum [Greek word] , tum [Greek word] vocant id. Ac. 2,10, 30: natura ingenuit sine doctrina notitias parvas rerum maximarum id. Fin. 5, 21,59: habere notitiam alicujus rei, Quint. 6, 4, 8: locorum, Plin. 5, 5, 5, 457; Vell. 2, 7, 4: antiquitatis, Cic. Sen. 4, 12: in notitiam hominum pervenire, to become generally known, Sen. Contr. 6, 2, 5: quo notitia supplicii ad posteros perveniret, Val. Max. 6, 3, 1: in notitiam populi pervenire, Liv. 22, 26, 2: in notitiam alicujus perferre aliquid, Plin. Ep. 10, 18, 2.

quondam (CONDAM, Inscr. Rein. p. 543), adv. [quom=cum, with the demonstr. part. dam]. I. At a certain time, at one time, once, heretofore, formerly: verum tempestas, memini, quondam fuit, cum, etc. Plaut. Truc. 2, 4, 29: olim, olim isti fuit generi quondam quaestus, Ter. Eun. 2, 2, 15; cujus illa quondam socrus paulo ante uxor fuisset, Cic. Clu. 66, 188: omnia quae sunt conclusa nunc artibus dissipata quondam fuerunt, id. de Or. 1, 42, 187: po pulus Romanus qui quondam in hostes lenissimus[?] existimabatur, hoc tempore, etc., id. Rosc. Am. 53, 154: ut quondam Marsaeus, Hor. S. 1, 2, 55; 2, 5, 21; Curt. 3, 1, 12; 3, 4, 3; Ov. F. 2, 547. --Of those desceased, the late, former, deceased (post-class.): OPTIMAE MEMORIAE VIRO QVOND. FILIO AELII, etc., Inscr. Grut. 389, 8: Valeriani quondam centur onis testementum, Cod. Just. 6, 21, 3: matris tuae quondam mancipia, id. 7, 33, 8; 8, 57, 2; cf.: Cyro quondam rege, Curt. 10, 1, 23. -- II. Transf. A. At certain times, at time, sometimes : quid, cum saepe lapidum, sanguinis nonnumquam, terrae interdum, quondam etiam lactis inber effluxit? Cic. Div. 1, 43, 98: stomachum, cujus tu simileum quondam habebas, id. Fam. 2, 16, 2: quondam cithara tacentum Suscitat Musam. Hor. C. 2, 10, 18: quondam et am victis redit in praecordia virtus, Verg. A. 2, 367; Ov. M. 9, 170; Lucr. 6, 109: senatus quondam legatos decreverit, Suet. Caes. 24; id. Dom. 7. -- B. Of the future, one day, some day, ever (poet.), Hor. S. 2, 2, 82: nec Romula quondam Ullo se tantum tellus jactabit alumno, Verg. A. 6, 877: haec tibi vir. quondam, nunc frater, mittit, Tib. 3, 1, 23.

2006.01.25 13:53
Reenactment, in the philosophy of history sense of the word, is certainly an excellent mnemonic device.
"Say again. Replicants are a mnemonic device?"

2006.01.25 14:19
The Beginning of a Semester, or Some Meditations on...
Enrique, my mother was working as cook at the Baron von Ow villa in Harlaching when the Allies first bombed Munich. Harlaching, a wealthy neighborhood, seemed to be one of the targets, maybe because Rudolph Hess's (empty?) villa was just around the corner from the von Ow's. January two years ago I asked my mother to tell me all about the experience. Franziska Baroness von Ow, the daughter and youngest son, the upstairs maid and my mother huddled in the basement, while Konrad Baron von Ow and the two older sons were outside--did the Baron maybe have a rifle with him? One of the houses down the street toward Theodelinden Platz was badly hit. My mother remembers carrying blankets for the Baroness as they, and the whole neighborhood actually, went down to aid the victims.

09012501 Horti Luciliani Medica Minerva St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra Whitemarsh Hall Mikveh PMP St. Pierre Altes Museum Basilica Sessoriana plans   206ii02
09012502 Palace of Versailles plan   2092i00

2013.01.25 12:28
Brussels and Belgium: what to see?
There was a nice buffet style restaurant in the top sphere of the Atomium in 1999. Maybe it's still there.
There's an 'old world' marketplace in the neighborhood 'down the hill' from the Palais de Justice. And apparantly there are (throughout the city?) a variety of non-Art Nouveu buildings by Horta--I saw one in passing (between the Cathedral and the Grand Place) that was like pseudo-fascist Pleknik or something, kind of haunting.

2014.01.25 10:00
Sam Lubell examines the U.S.'s trouble keeping top design talent
Architectural history has a very interesting and very diverse timeline when you strictly follow chronological order. Take a look at just a small sampling of the architectural diversity of the 20th century in chronological order, for example, 1924, 1926, 1932, 1939. The notion that one architectural style/attitude dominates or is better than another (coexisting) style or is best suited to its time is really only artificial historiography. The real fact is that architectural history (on a strictly chronological and global scale) is extremely diverse and always has been. Thus, it's fairly certain that the 21st century is going to turn out being extremely diverse architecturally as well, and it might just help for all architects and historians to just generally realize that fact.

15012501 Horti Luciliani with other plans implanted   2110i101

15012501   BIG   PFA Headquarters

16012501   NPApraksin District DTM Zone IQ23 IQ24 IQ27 IQ28 plan   2449i03
16012502   Lustgarten sculptural steps plan Ottopia plans   2334i03
16012503   virtual Philadelphia base map   2093i53

17012501   Steven Holl   Cofco Cultural and Health Center

18012501 atypical atemporality Philadelphia plan model   2467i13   b
18012502 Great Pyramid section model site plan image   2060i19   b
18012503 Temple of Horus plan section elevation images   2062i01   b
18012504 Pantheon plan sections elevations   206gi45

21012501   Colosseum plan schematic model opaque   206fi24
21012502   Colosseum site plan iq11 schematic model opaque   206fi25
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