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...North Neighborhood Manhattan plan and model... ...perfect for urban scale comparisons.

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There is a pattern to the height of the world's tallest buildings. the first set, the pyramids, Beauvais, Washington monument, all were very close to 500 feet. Then, with the Eiffel Tower, Chrysler, Empire State, the height jumped approx. another 500 feet to level off at close to 1000 ft. Now, in our time, with the World Trade Center, Sears, Kuala Lumpur, and most of the others on the drawing board, the top level is close to 1500 feet. I'd say that for the next building attaining the status of world's tallest to really matter, it has to reach close to 2000 feet.

The Architecture of Being [FOG]
World Trade Center NY tower addition.

2001.10.28 11:35
husker du?
I assume by "my thesis" you mean the notion of reenactment and architecture. While human memory itself is very likely the proto-type of all reenactment, memorials themselves are not necessarily manifestations of reenactionary architecturalism. Keeping and displaying the ruins of the World Trade Center towers is not an act of reenactment. Rebuilding the towers, each up to the height of 9/11 impact, each with a gigantic staircase spiraling down, and each filled with a core of places of prayer and worship (with a mosque at each acme), would be reenactionary architecturism, especially for pilgrims that fly (via helicopters) to the tops and then walk all the way down.

2003.12.14 17:42
Re: which Acropolis do you prefer?
The explosion of the Parthenon occurred 26 September 1687. It would be interesting to know how many people on Earth 316 years from now will know the date of the attack on the World Trade Center off the top of their head.
Collective memory is a lot more selective than criticism.
For how long did the 'ideal' design of the Acropolis actually exist? Moreover, do we even fully understand what the Acropolis was really like while it manifest it's most ideal existence. For example, how was it all painted? Did a fair amount of the ideal design actually fade as soon as the colors did?

2005.03.28 12:25
Re: Ralph Erskine, dead at 91
The notion of reenacting the Trilon and Perisphere of the 1939-40 New York World's Fair is only virtual architecture at best. Nonetheless, I find it evocative of how 'design' could be handled, as in B's recognition of the archaeological.
Interesting how the Parthenon was destroyed by explosion--the building was used by the Turks as an ammunition magazine, and a stray spark during a battle ignited the sitting bomb. "And now it's a prosperous tourist destination."
I have a small portion of lower west Manhattan in 3D cad model form, a vestige of a small job I did for Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates in the early 1990s, and I might make further use of it now.

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