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Wall House 2 (Bye House)     Ridgefield   Connecticut

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Parthenon Columns at Bye House   2283
Maison Millennium 001   2304
Ur-Ottopia House   2303 3436
Palace of Ottopia   2305
Maison Millennium 002   2317
Maison Millennium 003   2318
Maison Millennium 004   2319
Bye House Distorted   2327
House of Shadows Bye   2366
Bye House in Terrain   2384
Wave Wall House   2395
Villa Plus Ultra   2398
Wave Wall House 2   2410
Maison l'Homme + Wall House 2   243a

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scale and architecture
...a collection of 3D houses: Villa Savoye, Villa Stein de Monzie, Villa ŕ Garches, Wall House 2, Housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino. ...a study in plan, elevation, axonometric, and perspective of these buildings standing side by side.

building model combinations
...a combination of Bye and the Gooding House.

plan and elevation data of all models
Elevations of the Bye House with and without the wall.

Maison l'Homme with Wall House 2.

transparent models
...presenting some models with the triangles transparent. ...especially interesting and beneficial for buildings like the Bye House...

Gooding House and Bye House comparison and contrast
...collage the Gooding House and the Bye House because of the polar oppositeness in terms of architectural style and attitude both formally and towards the idea of domestic architecture. ...enlarge the front wall of the Gooding House and put it in place of the Bye House wall. ...continue the collage by adding the Gooding House cornice all around held up by the appliqué columns. ...an interesting hybrid paradigm or something ridiculous.

Maison Dom-ino and other paradigm buildings
Hejduk's Bye House is like the Maison Dom-ino (and the second composition) without the floor slabs, which have been converted into a gigantic wall--the floor slab inverted from horizontal slab to vertical slab. With the floor removed, only the column grid and the free-form shapes of the "rooms" remain and the circulation elements have also been separated out, and also inverted to an extent.

Maison Dom-ino Legacy     3122s 3800u

1998. 02.20
animated gifs @ Quondam
...showing a model being pieced together part by part... ...Wall House 2

new Quondam
...exaggeratingly stretch the Bye House in either direction.

distortion of plans
...spent some time today playing with the Bye House plans (and also the Wagner House). ...began with uneven scale/rotation distortion [old link 7685]; began to see dramatic results after simply moving various parts of the plan. Essentially, whole new buildings emerged. ...next step is to perform these manipulations on the 3d models.
These manipulative operations, which are made extremely easy with CAD, raises some serious issues, e.g., copyrights, integrity of the secondary designer, as well as pushing the envelope of acceptable design practice. In the realm of theory, however, this exercise initiates a totally new type of design methodology--one that stems almost purely from the benefits of cyberspace. ...Towards a New Dexterity...

Bye House in a new context
...placing the Bye House model along the slopes of the Convent for the Dominican Sisters. ...the entrance and study to be at the top of the hill. This makes the bridge most effective, and the wall and the pilotis will have to be extended downward to meet the ground.

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...this idea of elevating the Bye House over the Mayor's House with the ground plane of the Bye House (undulating) becoming the roof of the palazzo section of the Mayor's House.
...changing the wall of the Bye house into a digital terrain model, and also turning the access bridge of the house into a meander.

Ottopian House I

2002.06.16 15:23
houses that morph...
John Hejduk's Bye House has recently moved from being a virtual building (in this case 'paper' architecture) to an actual building now in the Netherlands, and in this 'morphing' process the built rendition was increased/morphed in scale by a factor of 1.2 (I think) for easier construction.

2004.02.16 11:49
Re: Hedjuk
Boullče, Hejduk and Rossi make a very interesting combination. I never seriously thought of them in tandem before, but just now when I looked up at my bookshelf, the Boullee book is right next to the seven Hejduk books, which are right next to the five Rossi books--who knew? I've seen two Rossi projects and one Hejduk project, all in Berlin. All three architects are now dead.
Death of Rossi: 2001.09.04
Death of Hejduk: 2001.05.29
Boullče was born 12 February 1728 and died 6 February 1799. Boullče never married.
Piranesi had some influence on Boullče, and Boullče had some influence on Gilly and subsequently Schinkel. Of the architects mentioned so far, all were prolific designers, but only Rossi and Schinkel are prolific in the built sense.
Hejduk's Bye House, now built in Holland at 1.2 the scale of the original design, has long been one of my favorite designs--I constructed a computer model of the project 1990 or 1991. I hadn't heard that it turned out to be 'uninhabitable'.

2004.04.29 08:52
...the vastness of its container
H. asks, "At which scale do we live?"
The physical 'scale' at in which I live is relatively small.
...the plans of Hejduk's Bye House, the second floor of my house, Palladio's Villa Rotunda, and Whitemarsh Hall (the 'Versailles of America' built for Eva Stotesbury) are displayed. A good deal of my time during the day is spent within the square room to the right of the floor plan of my house. From this space emanates a virtual museum of architecture, which literally travels (close to the speed of light) all over this planet.
Like I once wrote almost twenty years ago in a square poem, "All reality is relative to the vastness of its container."
Does web browsing occur within the international space station?

Hejduk architecture (early, e.g., Bye House) as ongoing reenactment of Le Corbusier, specifically the Carpenter Center at Harvard.

Le Corbusier and Hejduk
The combination of Le Corbusier, Hejduk and Izenour is indeed odd, but it might just be the perfect combination for New Wildwood architecture. Is the Bye/Gooding House a precursor?
The Cape May Point bunker evokes Hejduk as much as it evokes Le Corbusier. ...potentially inspiring with regard to composing new designs.

...place the Bye House (model) and the Villa Savoye (model) on the Dominican Motherhouse site.

model play
...playing some (more) with the Bye House model:
1. replace the wall with a mesh surface.
2. distort the model in x and y scale while the model itself is rotated at odd angles.
3. have the Bye House sticking out of St. Pierre Firminy-Vert.

...create a House 15 model using the pieces of Wall House 2.

2008.12.03 01:50
where is the good new architecture?
I'm sorry, but I just don't see arbitrary calendar dates and market value events as some kind of cause-and-effect ways to analyze, evaluate or categorize the evolution of architectural design. You mention the connection of Eisenman to CCTV, and I find that more relevant then whether CCTV is on a/your list of top 5 21st century buildings so far. And look at Le Corbusier's St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert, designed 1962, finally built a few years ago. Also Hedjuk's Bye House.
I prefer to watch architecture history as it actually unfolds, and not through the aperture of somewhat artificial markers.

Bye House--Eclectic Houses
Replace the wall of the Bye House with (enlarged versions) of the Eclectic Houses facades.




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