24 June

1459 Pons Poncet contracted to build the great altar of the church of the Carmelites at Angers

1748 death of William Adam

1875 death of Henri Pierre François Labrouste

Altes Museum - virtual redux
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ICA/dream institution
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fertile/pregnant architectures
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research as design-talk?/customization-friendly
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german tragic drama?
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The Architecture of Being [FOG]
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in Kline's shadow
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Re: Götterdämmerung?
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Index Architecture
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Re: reading lists (was: question)
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Is Archinect a Place?
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what value does art have in the world?
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What Is Art?: Conversations With Joseph Beuys
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Anti-Starchitecture Chic
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Everyday Urbanism - Design and/or Default
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Quondam as some strange un-scientific fiction architectur(al novel?)
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Fashion Architecture Taste
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Weird Wednesday Question
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Why are people so fascinated with classical architecture?
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The Appian Way is to Rome what the Strip is to Las Vegas
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Please Identify My New Home
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2003.06.24 19:25
Index Architecture
This book should be in audio format. That way you could listen while sleeping, and after about a week you could start talking like a Columbia grad without spending all that time and money. Now that would be radical!

040624a   PMA model Duchamp Gallery   2142i03

06062401 Tower of Shadows model fixed   2186i02
06062402 Bye House and Tower of Shadows model and Chandigarh base fixed   2360i08   b

2007.06.24 14:10
Anti-Starchitecture Chic
Funny how the lion's share of great architecture was created before there even was a camera with film.
My favorite line from Mann's Joseph and His Brothers comes almost at the very end--"They used their own lenses."
Maybe I'm rare, but the top of the list of my preferred architectural representation has always been the ichnographia, the plan view, and the photographic image almost always at the bottom of the list, except when it's fucked by context--site of street shooting a day or two after the theaters here were opened.
Has the preferred photographic architectural image really only blinded "us" to the actual relativity of it all.

2007.06.24 18:15
Everyday Urbanism - Design and/or Default
One of my favorite everyday urban places was actually mostly the inside of my car?

...site of street shooting a day or two after the theaters here were opened.
Has the preferred photographic architectural image really only blinded "us" to the actual relativity of it all.

2012.06.24 13:15
Fashion Architecture Taste
It can thus be seen that deconstruction is a form of what has long been called a critique. A critique of any theoretical system is not an examination of its flaws or imperfections. It is not a set of criticisms designed to make the system better. It is an analysis that focuses on the grounds of that system's possibility. The critique reads backwards from what seems natural, obvious, self-evident, or universal, in order to show that these things have their history, their reason for being the way they are, their effects on what follows from them, and that the starting point is not a (natural) given but a cultural construct, usually blind to itself. For example, Copernicus can be said to have written a critique of the Polemic conception of the universe. But the idea that the earth goes around the sun is not an improvement of the idea that the sun goes around the earth. [Actually that is not true as the mathematics of Copernicus' heliocentric theory greatly improved the predictability of future planetary positions in the night sky.] It is a shift in perspective which literally makes the ground move. It is a deconstruction of the validity of the commonsense perception of the obvious. In the same way, Marx's critique of political economy is not an improvement in it but a demonstration that the theory which starts with the commodity as the basic unit of economy is blind to what produces the commodity--namely, labor. Every theory starts somewhere; every critique exposes what the starting point conceals, and thereby displaces all the ideas that follow from it. The critique does not ask "what does this statement mean?" but "where is it being made from? What does it presuppose? Are its presuppositions compatible with, independent of, and anterior to the statement that seems to follow from them, or do they already follow from it, contradict it, or stand in a relation of mutual dependence such that neither can exist without positing that the other is prior to it?"
Barbara Johnson, "Translator's Introduction" in Jacques Derrida, Dissemination (1981).
FAT is very much a reenactionary architecturism practice.
LearningFromDasVagueness in "Diller Scofidio and Renfro blob up the Hirshhorn, yay!" (2009.12.17 09:41).

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16062402 GAUA S26 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i211
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16062404 GAUA S27 IQ24 Cubist ICM infill   2429i212

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