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Domestic Museum   2381

elements for a House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel     3133
Stirling's program:
flat land   small steep hill   orchard   walled garden
approx. six bedrooms   library   gallery   winter garden   dining room   other living spaces
servants   living room   kitchen   two bedrooms
stable/garage (three cars)   garden out buildings   small swimming pool (inside or outside?)
square site with the city to the east and the country to the west

House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel     3135

gallery 1999
...the House for Schinkel, the 3rd year housing drawings, and the zany sketches from 1992. ...the Francisville housing... ...use and redo.

schematic sketches     3134

coloring plans
...the plan diagrams of the House for Schinkel... ...use color as figure ground. ...stimulating and novel in terms of architectural presentation.

Sorting out truth
I looked at Dennis' Art Museum project for Santa Barbara, and, although a nice design, I wouldn't call it pivotal because it is somewhat over the hump of the pivot of its particular time, i.e., the late 1970s - early 1980s. When looking at the Dennis design, I'm immediately reminded of virtually every published entry to the "House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel" competition run by Shinkenchiku and programmed and judged by James Stirling in 1979 (see The Japan Architect February 1980).
I notice that Schinkel is no where mentioned within Dennis' Court and Garden book, but Stirling is included on a few pages. The absence of Schinkel is curious in that the main historical precedent for the proposed Art Museum in Santa Barbara very much seems to be Schinkel's Court Gardener's House and Roman Bath complex (1829-33) on the palace grounds of Sansossi in Potsdam.

Additive/Reductive Form
After he introduced the Michael Dennis project, I sent Paul a private email suggesting he look at a series of web pages that display the various schematic designs for a "house for Karl Friedrich Schinkel" plus views of a(n actual) model of the final design. This is the project that Paul refers to as Roman.
I today followed through all the web pages I suggested to Paul, and was surprised that the forward link of the last "Schinkel" page connects to the "Steve's Acropolis" web pages, which are another set of images within schizophrenia + architectures that display the ongoing development of three different house designs that are grouped on a steep ridge. The design from the 'Steve's Acropolis' collection that Paul saw first originated as a 'mythical' House in Laguna with Spears. In any case, the design as seen as Greek by Paul is the beginnings of a reenactment of Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrčs ā Strasbourg.
The Schinkel House designs represent work I did in 1979 and 1980.
The three houses of Steve's Acropolis are designs that originated as single plan sketches drawn in the early 1980s, which have hence been elaborated upon via CAD throughout the 1990s.

Ichnographia Quondam: agenda

2012.03.24 09:20
Response to Donna, re: Traditional Architecture
5th Year Studio Projects, Fall 1980, critics: Allen Greenberg, John Christopher Knowles.
Seeds of what ultimately became Quondam 1996.
3133 elements for a House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3134 schematic sketches
3135 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3120o transformations
3137 Court Gardner's House - Römischer Bäder :: Museum of Architecture
3138 museumification
3139 Museum of Architecture, Venice
3140 ...in their respective positions throughout the museum.
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