a book entitled Not There

about the Virtual Museum of Architecture
Non Ici (Latin for ďnot thereĒ) is a new virtual museum of architecture--perhaps the first--and is based on a core collection of CAD models, construction of which began in 1987. As of 1996, Non Iciís digital collection consists of over thirty individual models of primarily 20th century unbuilt buildings, a massing model of Center City Philadelphia, a substantial portion of Piranesiís plan of the Campo Marzio, and hundreds of digital drawing files (plans, elevations, axonometrics, perspectives) derived from the core data.
Projects on the museumís aganda:
01. Piranesiís Campo Marzio
02. Le Corbusierís Palais des Congres
03. Stirlingís art of interpretation
04. Giurgola and geometry
05. Religious buildings of Kahn
06. Venturi and Rauchís Canton, Ohio
07. Houses under a common roof
08. The architectural promenade
09. Seroux redux
10. Scale and Architecture
11. unbuilt Chandigarh
12. Schinkelís Berlin
13. The Danteum
14. Kahnís Governmental complex for West Paki
15. unique and unbuilt domestic architecture
16. VSBAís Frankfurt museum
17. unbuilt Arquitectonica
18. late Le Corbusier
19. any unbuilt Kahn
20. any unbuilt Stirling
21. any unbuilt Corbu
22. any unbuilt Venturi, Scott Brown

1996.09.20 large book on architecture

a book entitled Not There
Not There: the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture. ...the vehicle to exploit all the models in completely experimental manners purely for the intention of demonstrating what kind of experimentation can actually be done.
phenomenology d Husserlian philosophy : a discipline endeavoring to lay foundations for all sciences by describing the formal structures of phenomenon or of both actual and possible material essences that are given through a suspension of the natural attitude in pure acts of intuition.

1996.10.02 purpose

Not There: agenda for Quondam
Not There, an innovative chronicle of the motivation and cause of Quondam from behind the scenes. ...an easy going non-sequitur, perhaps an oddball adventure in 3d.
Not There, a focus on things that can only be done virtually, outlandish juxtapositions and scale/rotation distortions. ...the history of architecture in the midst of a whole new arena, i.e., dealing with buildings that are not there.

the new Not There
The opening theme for the revised Not There begins with the "new ideal city," "analagous buildings" and the Capriccio, the kit of parts, and ultimately Not There, the site.




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