Stephen Lauf

House for Otto 8


...continue to generate houses for Otto by further manipulating the set of six houses recently designed. For example, collage new plans to existing plans, and/or distort the existing plans, etc. ...use oddball CAD drawings, renderings, building collages to accompany the 'theorizing the metabolic' text. The images will represent the metabolic as much as the text does. ...might be interesting to combine a much distorted Maison Millennium with Lauf Haus der Kunst.

Ottopia, etc.
...composing Ottopia with the houses for Otto distributed upon a collage of mesh surfaces; begin the design process from there, i.e., modeling the Otto houses. Given the strange terrain, hoping the house designs develop in schizophrenic ways, plus "otherwise" architectural ways.
...the greatest challenge will be to design a schizophrenic environment. For starters, lots of repetition and places vast distances apart come to mind (wondering how to fill the gaps). ...not at all sure whether a Piranesian (a la Campo Marzio) Ichnographia narrative will become part of Ottopia's plan.
Along the same lines as above, thought of introducing mesh surfaces among pieces (sections) of the Philadelphia model, and thereafter redesigning a new metropolis. ...this Philadelphia manipulation could be part of Ottopia... ...Ottopia can be any number of built environment landscapes, not just a "meshland"...

progress, but still no definites
...demonstrated some unthinking architecture processes (mostly in schizophrenia + architectures): infringement complex, the Otto houses, the Schizophrenic Folds plans. ..."designing" a neighborhood (suburban) comprised of all the domestic architecture in the collection. ...creating various museum designs by simply combining (and recombining) the plans and models in the collection. ...designing all in a way that things shouldn't be designed.

Atypical Plan - this could be the title of a digital collection of "crazy" plans in the same manner of the Houses for Otto, Infringement Complex, and the Schizophrenic Folds plans.
In addition to Atypical Plan, I thought of NSEW as a book of atypical elevations.

...a new(?) theory of design.
the Otto Houses - what role does schizophrenia play with recombinant architectures?
Mayor's House - first recombinant plan.
Kahn's Dominican Convent, then the Cooper & Pratt House.
Analogous Building.
Infringement Complex, especially the underlying plan.
Maison Millennium - all the stages.
the Campo Marzio plans; and neo-Campo Marzio plans.
Sober House 1

architectural fiction
...employ Quondam as an outlet for architectural fiction, and, right now, the theme of Quondam's architecture fiction is Quondam itself and the buildings in its collection are the novel characters. ...the Houses for Otto as "ancient" ruins where there are foundational remains but nothing else--we don't even really know if they are/were even houses. (...this is very much how Piranesi operated within the ICM and the earlier plans.) In any case, the narrative at Quondam derives from the stories that each building or buildings present.




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