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1743 Jacques François Blondel with the approval of the Académie de l'Architecture, opened one of the earliest of the French private schools of architecture

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Ottopia, etc.
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Koolhaas versus the Actor
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PARTICIPATE! (What does Europe look like?)
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architectural otherness
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Help with Thesis: Memory and Urbanism
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Robert Venturi, Prince Charles & that false Corinthian column
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Leading artists call to action against the Frick expansion plans
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Steven Holl   University of Visual Arts Building   Iowa

Ottopia, etc.
Begin composing Ottopia with the Houses for Otto distributed upon a collage of mesh surfaces; from there, begin the design process, i.e., the modeling of the Otto houses. Given the strange terrain, hopefully the house designs readily develop in schizophrenic ways, plus "otherwise" architectural ways. Already envisioning a use of mesh surfaces for other design features such as roofs and additional landscapes.
The greatest challenge will be to actually design a schizophrenic environment. For starters, lots of repetition and places vast distances apart (and how to fill the gaps). Will a Piranesian Ichnographia narrative will become part of Ottopia's plan?
Along the same lines as above, introduce mesh surfaces among sections of the Philadelphia model, and thereafter design a new metropolis. This Philadelphia manipulation could be part of Ottopia, as Ottopia can be any number of built environment landscapes, and not just a "meshland."

2005.05.06 11:39
In other words:
What is the value of architecture if its primary concern is onomatopoeia?
And what value does any architecture have without hyperbole?
Personally, I find value in appositional architecture.

2005.05.06 17:24
Koolhaas versus the Actor
OK, I see what you mean, but...
There are many historical examples where architecture references itself, e.g., renaissance architecture referencing classical architecture, or even the second pyramid at Giza referencing the Great Pyramid at Giza.
Le Corbusier is just as much a reenactor as Stirling and the NY5 are reenactors. Le Corbusier reenacted machine forms and ship forms and American agricultural architecture forms. And Le Corbusier even ultimately reenacted himself--the Palais des Congrès (1964) reenacts the Villa Savoye (1929).
I don't buy the notion of there ever really being a split from the symbolic system. Degrees of separation, yes, but no real split.
Stirling is a consummate reenactionary architect, and he knew it, but he put most of his clues in his architecture only--although his entry for Roma Interrotta is an overt reference to Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan and reenactionary architecturism. Just as Rossi reenacted the Bustum Hadriani with the Modena Cemetery, but it doesn't look like he ever told Tafuri about it. Yes, Rossi was silent, as are most architects when it comes to telling others where their real 'originality' comes from.

07050601 Hurva Dormitories axonometrics perspectives   2375i03

09050601 Parkway Interpolation building footprints with ICM infill plans   2278i09

11050601 Danteum perspectives   2165i09

2012.05.06 18:08
Help with Thesis: Memory and Urbanism
Sounds like you're headed toward Random Access Memory and Urbanism.

15050601 rems collection wireframe opaque   3392ui11
15050602 Mat-Slab-Blob Complex schematic plan   2439i00

16050601   Steven Holl   University of Visual Arts Building   Iowa

18050601 860 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Unité d'Habitation elevations   216fi02
18050602 Flick House I site plan plans sections images   2333i04

19050601   Wacko House 002 axonometrics   2285i11
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