10 September

1753 birth of Sir John Soane

1882 birth of Jacques Gréber

BEST Product Catalog Showroom     3998d
Mortuary Chapel, Mount Sinai Cemetery     1892 3998d

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some progress, but no definites
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Re: travels in hyper-reality
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the theme of theming
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death of Leni in the thick of reenactment season
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United Way Headquarters Building     1971
Site of the Free Library of Philadelphia expansion and site of the forthcoming Barnes Foundation Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Logan Circle
Free Library of Philadelphia at Logan Circle
Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Honor of Her Colored Soldiers
Logan Circle
The Holocaust on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Love Park
John F. Kennedy Plaza
Kopernik Monument
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul     1851

What are you reading?
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Not Interested in Architecture anymore..
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Architecture of Decadence
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Mecanoo   Liuxiandong Tower   Shenzhen

OMA   Bajes Kwartier   Amsterdam

1999.09.10 09:53
Is the "cyberspace" of the Internet computer network a physical or non-physical place?
3. cyberspace begins with pure virtuality, i.e., the potential to be something, then becomes a "place" when people participate, and ends, after the participation, to be again pure virtuality.
4. I like cyberspace because of its otherness. The more I participate in cyberspace, the more I realize that I now inhabit two realms, the real world and the world of cyberspace. Moreover, I plainly see that the cyberspace world will never be the same as or replace the real world, nor do I wish cyberspace to be "physical" in the real world sense.
5. Cyberspace as a place completely other is its greatest attribute. Those that view or want to make cyberspace and the real world the same are really only defeating the "real" nature of cyberspace. Could it be that we as humans just can't easily deal with a parallel(?), other reality in addition to the reality we already have?

2001.09.10 09:34
Re: travels in hyper-reality
Theming aside, at base there is the 'practice' of reenactment carried out at both Odiaba and Las Vegas. The final point about Odiaba being all on an artificial island is literally the base of Odiaba that is itself a reenactment of something otherwise natural. Las Vegas too has a basis that is a man-made reenactment of something otherwise natural, namely the 'oasis' spawned by Hoover Dam. While Learning From Las Vegas indeed recognizes the 'oasis' aspect within the 1960s hotel complexes, it does not recognize the overall oasis reenactment of Las Vegas as a whole. Along with all the 'caravans' that converge upon Las Vegas seeking 'pleasure' and 'comfort' in the desert, it is more the hydroelectric well spring of Las Vegas (via Hoover Dam) that engenders the entire cities life-givingness. In this sense, the animated electric signs along the strip (and now also within Fremont Street's electronic vault) are all at base hydroelectric reenactments of fountains splashing away.
My favorite reenactment place/city lately is Atlantic City, New Jersey, a true latter-day Las Vegas on the sea-coast, essentially a reenactment of a reenactment of a reenactment all right on the edge of a continent.
All the same, I believe it is safe to say that Las Vegas is the reenactment capital of modern times. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if one of the next waves of new casino construction comes to reenact Las Vegas of the 1960s, or, if I were ever the 'planning commissioner' of Las Vegas, I'd begin efforts to construct colossal wave pools all around Las Vegas so as to reenact Atlantic City. Reenactment is hyper-reality for sure.

2001.09.10 09:53
the theme of theming
Is it not safe to say that the over-riding theme of theming is reenactment?

2003.09.10 15:28
What are you reading?
Lost in the Archives
"There is a crisis in the archives. Contemporary protocols for archiving and accessing increasingly vast amounts of materials present unprecedented possibilities and problems for the production, classification, and use of knowledge. Surveying the jagged edge between memory and forgetting, revealing the force and scope of some of memory's losses--its technical drop-outs, its lacunae, burials, omissions, eclipses, and denials--Lost in the Archives explores the thesis that memory is productively read from its failures and absences, in the not-yet or impossible archives, in archive fevers and dementias, in all the places archives cannot or have not looked. Investigations on the limits of memory are instigated by over 70 artists and writers, including Jacques Derrida, Atom Egoyan, Gustave Flaubert, Boris Groys, Candida Höfer, Rem Koolhaas, Sol Lewitt, Bruce Mau, and Jeff Wall. Like a purloined letter, the shelved and forgotten book wields its most virulent power precisely in being unread. Unread, if not indeed illegible, what is lost in the archive may prove to exert the most shocking force."

12091001 Working Title Museum 001 plan model IQ04   2323i04
12091001 Working Title Museum 002 plans model IQ041   2324i08
12091001 Working Title Museum 003 plan model IQ   2325i03   b   c
12091001 Working Title Museum 004 plans model IQ   2326i04

13091001 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes plan   2216i06
13091002 novel architecturale plans   206fi04

14091001 Temple of Posideon plan elevation image attached with column model Museum of Architecture plan etc.   2065i00
14091002 Acropolis plan image attached with Museum of Architecture plan etc.   2066i00

15091001   Mecanoo   Liuxiandong Tower   Shenzhen

17091001   OMA   Bajes Kwartier   Amsterdam

19091001 Netherlands Architecture Institute plan elevations section working data   2253i11
19091002 Château de Chambord Villa Rotonda Palace of Versailles Ury House Mount Pleasant Schloß Neuschwanstein Orchards Palace Stoclet Robie House Robie House domestic plans elevations   207fi06

20091001   Maze House facade/maze opaque   229li08
20091002   Immeubles Villa elevation schematic model opaque working data   214di02

21091001   Girard East Infill Housing site plan working data   223di04






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