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Duchamp Inn  


Calder Museum   2369

2007.09.30 11:53
Readymades in Architecture?
Facade studies for the forthcoming Duchamp Inn hi-steaks hotel and casino at the quondam Calder Museum site across the Parkway from the forthcoming Barnes Foundation.

I want to write...
Distort the courthouse with garage model. Mix up the Ichnographia plans. Compose odd juxtaposition drawings using the 2D drawings already available. Design the "large glass" tower building.

2008.01.31 11:20
who wants to poche?
...(sideways extruded) condo for readymade artists atop (upward extruded) Calder Museum that ain't happening.

2013.08.15 10:03
Art vs. architecture
...virtually nauseating until I saw how most (not all) of the posts reflect personal comfort zones vs. personal discomfort zones. And then it became virtually nauseating again when individuals try to project their comfort zones as being somehow axiomatic. And then it got interesting again seeing how the implicit discomfort zones harbor the most inspiration.
Perhaps the Duchamp Inn (2007)...

...will begin to be known as the Discomfort Inn.
Sign on the door reads, "Architects Pay Extra."

2013.08.15 16:36
Art vs. architecture
Yet Duchamp Inn is fully intended as architecture. Just like the intention here...

...is architecture.




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