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Philadelphia Museum of Art   2142
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Quondam ideas
Fill in a blank Philadelphia Museum of Art plan with excerpts from other museum plans. Do this for three levels above ground, and also do a series of below ground plans (a la the new Gehry project/expansion). This will be the Museum within Ichnographia Quondam (along with Parkway Interpolation and the Bilocating Barnes and Calder Museum).

2008.09.02 07:25
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Palais des Abuse Ridiculous -- Palais House 10: Museum
Cut & Paste Museum
ichnographia non-virtual non-context -- 010926a.db
3 black holes in the Michelin Misguide
atemporarily under deconstruction -- Le Composites
virtue2vicegrip machine to live in -- Bye House morph animation

Cut & Paste Museum: create a model of all the composited models; a riff off Gehry's so far unpublished Philadelphia Museum of Art design.

museum upgrade
...begin to feature the art related CAD databases... ...they could relate to/within the Cut & Paste Museum, which also contains the 5233 Curatorium.

appositional architecture
On 2002.02.03 I wrote a note regarding "appositional art" and also the notion of wqc/appositions, but concluded with not being sure what appositional architecture is. It now seems that I do know what appositional architecture is, and I've been doing it via the "recombinant architectures" and IQ and even the first two Houses for Otto, House of Ill-Repute 001, Le Composites, Cut & Paste Museum. I can at least begin to collect/list all the examples at Quondam of "appositional Architecture" and outline a display of the work. Begin also by making a CAD database collection of the various plans.
There seems to be a thin line between appositional (architecture) and superimpositional (architecture), yet the 3-dimensional nature of architecture actually can simultaneously accommodate apposition and superimposition. For example, the HQ of DATA is appositional in elevation and superimpositional in plan. (...which now reminds me that there are no hline elevations of HQ of DATA.) I like this interesting double aspect that architecture can facilitate (and I wonder if this could be part of "Surgical Double Theater"--yes).
Actually "Going into Eclectic Shock" was/is going to be about my recombinant architectures, so either it all somehow comes together or it begins to interfere, or contradict. [2009.04.07: eclectic shock could deal with mixing/recombining architectures from different eras into new wholes.] Is appositional architecture and superimpositional architecture somehow going to be the overriding aspect/motif of AinCC?
Anyway, look at/collect the appositional letters/arguments and further develop them.

museum collecting
...the collected museums are also within IQ. ...have yet to compile all the museum plans within Quondam's collection, meaning to add Museum Annex, Calder Museum, Working Title Museum, Haus der Kunst, Cut & Paste Museum (and just as an aside, the latest REX museum seems to relate to the Cut & Paste Museum), Acropolis Q, Venue, Gallery B, Circle Squared Museum, Domestic Museum, 5233, Villa Savoye(?), Palace of Versailles, and all the superimposed museum plans.

2011.09.12 11:46
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
Le Corbusier - Kahn: Mosque Q
Le Corbusier - Venturi: Gooding Trice Villa
Schinkel - Trumbauer - Hejduk - Stirling: Cut & Paste Museum
early Le Corbusier - late Le Corbusier: HQ of DATA
Le Corbusier - Hejduk: Villa + 15
Mies van der Rohe - Hejduk: Courthouse Plus Ultra

2012.09.30 16:51
I too have been following...
Kazys, I too have been following the latest 'designs' featured at Archive of Affinities, and I'm somewhat reminded of some of the 'designs' that came out of Quondam between 1999 and 2008. Seeing as you see the designs from Archive of Affinities as 'atemporality at work', I'm curious what you might think of the (not all too dissimilar) designs at Quondam.
Go and check out the following: Ur-Ottopia House, Ludi 002, Good-Bye House, Mikveh PMP, Dominican Fortress, Mosque Q, House of Shadows Bye, Gooding Trice House, Le Composites, Cut & Paste Museum, Headquarters of D.A.T.A., Villa Plus Ultra, Courthouse Plus Ultra.
With a few exceptions, the buildings are 're-combined' at the same scale, and offer an 'other' (fictional?) rendition of architectural history. If nothing else, I'd like to have a better focus of what it is exactly that these building designs might represent--postmodernity or perhaps atemporality.   8900

2013.09.19 12:27
19 September
While composing this piece, I recognized a strong conceptional affinity between Herzog & de Meuron's 2005 Espacio Goya and Quondam's 2007 Cut & Paste Museum. Go figural.



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