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Nimiety: the redundancy of suburban sprawl versus the redundancy of "new urbanism".

The Architecture of Being [FOG]
Suburban sprawl master plan (?)

some progress, but no definites
...designing a neighborhood (suburban) comprised of all the domestic architecture in my collection. ...designing in a way that things shouldn't be designed. ...utilize and manipulate all the data already available...

2008.01.31 11:20
who wants to poche?
Suburban Poché.

2011.01.14 12:02
7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
Charles Holland at Fantastic Journal:
I'm currently involved in writing a book re-appraising architectural Post Modernism. It's top secret, hush-hush. Part of it contains a top ten of Po-Mo moments, which I realise makes it sound like a rather ugly box of chocolates. Anyway, now that the final mix has been agreed I thought I'd share a few of the ones that didn't make the final cut.
Anyway, here's a selection of 'id' moments:
Gooding House a.k.a. Weight-Watchers House
Ur-Ottopia House
Good-Bye House
Gooding Trice House
Gooding Trice Villa
Psycho-Suburban Pochè




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