model / misbehavior

subversively reenacting

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gallery 1999 - the Otto Houses
After experimenting with the Danteum plan (plus the morphed Bye House), I began to think of the resultant "crazy" plan as a house for Otto. Oddly enough, the "program" fit what I was doing, and thus was born the idea to do a series of houses for Otto as one of the main aspects of schizophrenia and architectures.
...doing crazy plans is suddenly completely valid, down to the whole virtuality of it. ...create/destroy the plan. ...conceptual tightness in terms of every part reinforcing all the other parts.
...something other than a house, just design Ottopia!!! ...perfect reason and incentive for designing a gigantic (city) plan like the Ichnographia.
...the process itself will continue to provide inspiration and direction.



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